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    “On the spot: Nicholas Yeager, Political science senior”

    Do you celebrate Christmas?

    Yes, I do.

    And, when you were young did you believe in Santa Clause?

    Yeah. Mostly because it helped me.

    Helped you with what?

    It helped me get presents, so I believed in him until I was about 15 or 16.

    Do you remember the moment when you stopped believing in Santa Clause?

    Yeah. I think the moment when I really stopped believing I was about 8, and my friends at my school made fun of me because I still believed in it and they didn’t. I think that was the moment right there.

    Did you used to put out milk and cookies?

    Totally. Yeah. I’d come back, and they were eaten, but it was lactose intolerant milk because my step-mom is lactose intolerant. But, I never put two and two together.

    So, someday, when you have children, will you encourage them to believe in Santa Clause?

    No. We’re going to believe in Festivus, the holiday for the rest of us (laughs). I’m going to believe in all religions and everything.

    Is Santa Clause included in that, or Chanukah Harry?

    We could have a lot of different ones depending on how rich I am (laughs). We could have the Kwanzaa guy and everyone else all mixed in one big holiday.

    Is there someone that you think should be the Festivus guy?

    There could be. I don’t know. Some character from Seinfeld, I guess. (laughs) Don’t put that. Just put, “”Yes, I will believe in Christmas, and I will encourage my kids to believe in Santa Clause.””

    Ok. I’ll put that after the Festivus stuff.

    Oh, geez.

    — Katie Gault

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