On The Spot

Heather Meyers

Heather Meyers

Andi Berlin

We saw freshman psychology major Heather Meyers in front of Coronado Residence Hall.

Wildcat: You’re on the spot. What are you doing for spring break?

Meyers: Going to New Jersey.

W: How would you like to win $1,400 and a trip to Cancun?

M: I’d be really excited.

W: So first, you have to guess how much money this state-of-the-art 1984 tape recorder is.

M: Do I get the whole dollar range?

W: If you come within 50 cents, you will get the prize.

M: Do you have it written down somewhere so I know you’re not cheating me out?

W: I’ll write it down before you guess.

M: I’m going to guess that it’ll cost about $4.89.

W: Is that your final answer? This is how much it costs … (Shows her notepad.)

M: $5.54, for that?

W: I got it online. Second try. How much is this old Mexican Coke bottle, with no liquid?

M: 27 cents.

W: No. $34.60. What about this Sparklett’s paper water cup? This is between $20 and $30.

(Friend): What’s so special about this?

W: You can drink out of it. If you’re really thirsty and you have a cold, you don’t have to use the drinking fountain.

M: $24.40.

W: $29. You’re close. How about this Cosmo’s Aqua Karma Sutra rubber ducky? Between $1,500 and $1,600.

M: $1,586.

W: $1,599. How much is this bowling pin? Between $1 and $1 million … 500 … six … thousand (Starts writing it down, but gets confused. Shows her the notebook.)

M: This says a thousand dollars.

(Random guy walking by): How many people have you done this to?

W: Today? 15.

M: Have you given out any of these prizes?

W: No.

M: Do you have to get rid of this by today?

W: I’m going with my friend, but my friend backed out. So you’d have to go with me.

M: OK.

W: What about these two pine cones melded together?

M: Write out the hints you’re going to give me.

W: It’s between two cows and a fireman’s only daughter.

M: What? How much does a cow cost?

W: $5.

M: And how much is a fireman’s only daughter?

W: $6.

M: What?

W: $11.

M: $11? I got it correct.

W: No, you didn’t. It’s $12.

M: We never guessed on the bowling pin.

W: It was a million dollars, you guessed $11. You’re wrong.

M: What are you talking about?

W: I told you before. You didn’t win because we’re in the final round. All you have to do is spin this (Dial-an Excuse) wheel.

M: (Spins it.)

W: You got fear of harassment, no good jobs, following dreams, agoraphobia, scheduling conflict. I’m sorry.