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    Grab Bag

    Truly hilarious. A peer showed me this web site on YouTube, but they apparently have their own web site – it’s not entirely clear where they began these videos, but it has become a series now. The site also offers entertainment through animation puppets – but it is evident that the hand puppets are more entertaining. Who knew? The fan favorite, or at least my favorite, is “”Wizard Swears”” with the “”Mysterious Ticking Noise”” coming in at a close second for me. They almost make fun of Harry Potter, but in a way that fanatics could appreciate for its humor. I have to admit I have only seen two films and have never read any of the books – a pedigree that killed me when I played Harry Potter “”Scene it?”” – and I really enjoyed it. There is this original keyboard music at the beginning of each production, which is fairly catchy if you hear it enough.

    Campus curiosity:

    Recently while eating outside on campus under the red things that I came to learn were called awnings, I noticed the large poultry population that has been lingering around the campus area – most notably the disgusting pigeons and the pleasant little devil birds that at any minute could fly right above your head and ruin your entire day and your sanity. Is there a particular reason for this increase in fowl? I noticed more than ever that people are just leaving all their trash on tables and walking away – as if this were high school or something. Were these lazy, repugnant students who were never taught to clean up after themselves the reason for this wildlife?

    More about pigeons – I found a Web site,, saying pigeons were around before humans! Perhaps they are the ones who have noticed an increase of us and they’re pissed. The site also said that they can fly up to 600 miles a day – that has to be the ideal pigeon because I can’t imagine the monstrous pigeons that lurk around the UA campus feeding on chicken fries and half-eaten orange chicken getting much flying done in their day. The main problem that keeps pigeons around certain areas is the dumb humans who decide it would be a good idea to feed one, explained the site. I think they’re vile, disgusting creatures, to say the least, and I think the UA and places all over the country should start backing the idea of bird wires to keep these suckers away from innocent civilians.

    Where’s the beef?

    Recently, there was a recall of over 143 million pounds of beef after a “”California meatpacker was caught torturing cattle and processing the unfit animals for human consumption,”” said Now people are questioning the USDA and their competence – at least I am. How could something like torturing cattle slip through the cracks of the USDA? They are their own acronym for goodness sake, can’t they do their job right? When the news was first announced about the recall, people got worried – until it was announced that it would have very little harm to people. The USDA claimed that most of the meat had already been consumed, estimating that about 37 million pounds of it was sent out to school lunch programs and the sort. I found it interesting that once it was announced there was “”minimal harm,”” people started to forget about it. Why is that? There are probably places all over that use inhumane practices at slaughter houses and what not – and I bet a lot of those have slipped through the cracks of the imperfect system that USDA implements. There are some funky things going on in these places because they just want to turnout a profit. I understand that this issue was someone breaking a rule – what’s the rule? Is it on a wall somewhere in these places? “”When you kill, don’t be a crazy mother fucker””, is that what it would say? Perhaps something less brash – wouldn’t want to offend. Any news I ever hear about beef has always been bad – and yet Americans consume a whole lot of it every year. The Humane Society has exposed people doing horrible things to these cattle while they are still alive-gouging, kicking and forcing water into the noses of cattle in order to get the animals upright, said

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