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Mailbag: Dec. 8

Your choice, your consequences

I am writing this letter in response to Dan Sotelo’s column, “”No health care? No Choice”” (Dec. 7, 2009).

While the Supreme Court has recognized a woman’s right to abortion, the issue in the health care debate is not whether it is morally or legally responsible, but whether or not the taxpayer should have to fund abortions.

After doing some research, I found that 56 percent of women who terminate their pregnancies are in their 20s, while teenagers between 15 and 19 make up 19 percent of abortions. I’m just curious as to why my hardworking money should go to fund such irresponsibility?

If young people choose to have unprotected sex, they must live with their consequences. To reward federal funds because these youngsters “”made a mistake”” is hardly economically right.

Let’s put it into another perspective: say a person is drinking and gets into his or her car to drive. Now, say they are within the legal limit of .08, yet he or she remains impaired. If that person crashes the car, should our federal funds pay to have that person’s car fixed? Why not? How will they work or get to school without transportation? They were well within their legal rights and simply had an accident, one that we all make. The point is that we as a country need to recognize that adults can freely make adult choices, but the consequences of their actions remain their own consequences, good or bad.


Jarrett Benkendorfer

Political science sophomore

Wildcats still have time for redemption

I think it’s a bit premature to throw the ‘Cats under the bus because we lost to the the 24th-ranked UNLV Runnin’ Rebs (I still don’t get how they can be the Rebels; what are they rebelling against?). Regardless, we haven’t even started the Pac-10 season yet and, from the looks of things, the Pac-10 is going to come down to the ‘Cats and those weak-ass Huskies up in the 206. These types of games early in the season, such as Wisconsin (who just beat Duke) will only make us better in February and March. And despite what coach Miller says, it damn well better be 26 years in a row. We ain’t paying you millions of dollars for the NIT. Check yourself, Miller.

So before we start comparing the basketball team to the football team, let’s remember it’s a long season and those kids are still learning. Having been a Wildcats fan my whole life (yes, I remember our first Final Four) I have the utmost confidence that we will handle the Pac-10 and make the Tourney. Go Cats!

David Kurtz

‘Textbook’ column hits close to home

Its almost that time again: time for the new semester to start and time to spend more money — on books.

I’m a freshman majoring in music and I spent approximately $400 on books for the fall semester of 2009. I can’t believe that students have to pay that much money for the books they need for their classes. There is an option of selling books back to the bookstore, but how much is one really going to get back? Not as much as one would want. I’m seriously considering selling my books online just for that little bit more.

Melissa Porta

Music freshman

Alcohol column poses good ideas

In response to the article on Friday, “”Wetter is better,”” the things people will do to drink are interesting. Being able to take a class and sign a paper so you can drink in your dorm does sound like a good idea, however, I believe that people will take advantage of it and abuse the privilege if the university would want to pass the “”wet”” dorm policy. People would be in a safe area and not outside getting caught by cops but then calls can still be made because of the noise or even fights that would break out. I do not live on campus but am in favor for a policy like that and I’m sure a lot of other students would also.

Denise Fuentes

Undeclared freshman


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