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    Mix things up this Valentine’s Day

    _Valentine’s Day is upon us once again. For a day all about celebrating love, it sure has a lot of haters critiquing every aspect of it. Let’s take the stress out of the holiday this year. Whether you’re having trouble deciding what outfit to wear or what ice cream flavor to go with the sappy movie you and your roommates will be watching, remember, it’s only 24 hours. Here’s how to enjoy your Valentine’s Day, regardless of whether you’re taken, single or anywhere in between.
    For those who are taken:
    Why is it that deciding what sexy accessory to bring into the bedroom is more difficult than planning the actual date? Here’s a tip: Go with what makes you confident and, if all else fails, just turn the lights off. Chances are good that the actual hanky-panky is what will be occupying your partner’s mind.
    Mix it up. Chocolates and flowers are overdone and exhausted; however, there is no such thing as dinner being overdone. Have a cozy night in, make dinner at home and eat on the couch while catching up on all the new releases at Redbox.
    Over time, Valentine’s Day has evolved into an occasion to spend massive amounts of money at a packed restaurant and on ugly heart-shaped jewelry. Instead, save your paychecks for spring break in Cabo. Show your love after you’ve finished a box of wine in the comfort of your own home, where you can wear your fuzzy slippers and nobody cares. Love yourself on V-Day just as much as you love your significant other.

    To all those single Wildcats:
    Take advantage of your alone time and draw that warm bath you’ve been waiting for all week. It’s Friday, your tests are done and your homework is turned in, so unwind. Light your favorite scented candle and fill the tub with suds. A relaxing spa night at home is far better than a crowded restaurant and poor service. All your taken friends will be jealous of your peaceful night.
    If surrounding yourself with sweaty, intoxicated people is more your thing, there surely won’t be a shortage of anti-Valentine’s-themed parties this weekend.
    Or slip on your favorite pajamas, grab the vodka and listen to Beyoncé until you’ve convinced yourself that one day you’ll find your flawless relationship.

    And to everyone in between:
    The most awkward situation you can find yourself in on Valentine’s Day is being unsure of your relationship status. Relax, because they’re just as confused as you are. If you’re feeling the pressure, suggest a lunch date instead of sitting uncomfortably through an entire dinner.
    Or, do what you have always done best: Party and save that “feelings” conversation until a later date.
    Whatever you do on this day, don’t forget its true theme: love. So whoever you love — your significant other, your best friend or even a pet — make sure they know it every day, but give them a little extra lovin’ this Valentine’s Day.

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