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    “On the spot: Courtney King, Geology junior”

    Have you heard about Galactic Suites?


    I’ll explain it to you. Galactic Suites is a space hotel being built right outside Earth’s atmosphere. It’s completely real. They’re planning on opening it in 2012, and it’s going to cost $4.4 million per person for three orbits around Earth.

    Actually, I have heard of this. I didn’t know the name.

    Where did you hear about it?

    I take a lot of planetary science courses.

    OK. So, if you had $4.4 million in 2012, would you take a trip to Galactic Suites?

    That’s a tough question. Yes and no, because I’m really afraid of flying, but that would be an amazing experience.

    It’s not really flying in space. It’s more like floating.

    Well, I mean, getting to space. (laughs) That’s the flying part. I’d be a little scared. But it would (be) awesome.

    What would be the first thing you’d want to experience in space?

    Probably the weightlessness. That would be so cool. And eating the food.

    Would you be afraid of some sort of catastrophic problem happening with the hotel? Like you get attacked by a face-sucking alien, or something like that.

    No, not aliens. I think just flying and getting there would be the scary part.

    All right. Well, personally, I would love to go to Galactic Suites, but I don’t believe I’m going to have $4.4 million by the time 2012 comes around. So, I’m devising plans in my mind about how I’m going to get $4.4 million. I want to know what your plan is to get $4.4 million.

    Marry a sugar daddy.

    Sugar daddy?

    It’s the only thing I could think of. (laughs) Um, I don’t know. Maybe I’ll invent something.

    What are you going to invent?


    You have to think! This is important!

    Wow. This is on the spot.


    OK. Maybe I’ll invent something that can be used up at the hotel. So I’d have to go install it there or something.

    Oh, that is a good plan. You’re going to invent something that won’t earn you $4.4 million but will require you to go to the hotel, so they’ll have to send you there.

    It’ll probably earn me $4.4 million also. They’ll have to pay me to go put it there.

    This is genius. See, I didn’t think about that. I was going to rob a bank, but now I might have to steal your idea.

    OK. Well, good luck.


    Thank you.

    ­—Katie Gault

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