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    Fashion Facts: Sportin’ shades

    Fashion Facts: Sportin shades

    You could try to look back to the days when sunglasses were not considered a fashion statement, but you would easily find those days never existed. Recently, everything from obscenely large to crisp and chic designer, have been gracing the concrete runways that are the UA. The question remains whether or not sunglasses should be purchased for Vogue magazine credibility, or utility. Yes, it might block the sun, but do your shades give good face?

    Creative writing freshman Travis Bradley, top, wasn’t able to pinpoint his personal style with regards to his choice of shades – as he’s a dedicated patron to utility.

    “”I just use them to keep the sun out of my eyes,”” Bradley said.

    Bradley purchased his small black-framed specs from the Arizona Bookstore for about $15. In regards to big sunglass frames, Bradley said they are “”just too big.””

    Undeclared freshmen Angelita Nunez and Ligia Castro, center, were at opposite ends of the spectrum – Nunez opted for affordable frames with a bigger frame and Castro endorsed a more expensive option with a sleek white frame.

    “”People say that bigger glasses work for me,”” Nunez said.

    Nunez purchased her shades at a traditional swap meet in her hometown of Yuma for a mere $8 – a slim $132 difference from what Castro paid at a Sunglass Hut for her Dolce and Gabbana specs.

    “”They have to come with me everywhere,”” Castro said.

    Castro owns three other designer sunglasses – Prada, DKNY and another pair of Gabbana’s. She keeps in mind one thing when shopping for sunglasses.

    “”I have to like them and they have to look good,”” Castro said.

    Stephen Ceasar, bottom, a journalism junior, was debunked wearing a pricey brand himself – sleek Gloss Black Electrics that sell for about $140 a pop.

    “”I like to think I look cool in them,”” Ceasar said.

    Unlike other forgetful book busters, Ceasar rides to school prepared to partake in sun blocking by keeping an extra pair of sunglasses in his car – by chance he forgets his pricey selection.

    “”I wouldn’t be able to walk around without my sunglasses,”” Ceasar said.

    Ceasar described his personal style as “”comfortable”” as he donned a Polo Sport zip-up hoodie in grey paired with black basketball shorts. If not Electrics, Ceasar would have opted for other sporty fashion-forward brands such as Spy, Dragon or Arnettes.

    When asked his opinion about the stereotype that large-framed sunglasses are worn by ugly people to hide their face, Ceasar didn’t hesitate to answer.

    “”I don’t think it’s true because my sunglasses are pretty big and I like to think I’m not ugly,”” Ceasar said.

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