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Sound Off: Students discuss the Pac-12 and sports

Daily Wildcat: So, what does NCAA stands for? Take a guess if you’re not sure.

Becca Hynes: Uhh, National Collegiate … Association of … Awesomeness?

Do you know who our starting quarterback is?

Laura Soto: No idea, I’m sorry.

What about a big athlete’s name at the U of A?

Hynes: No, I should know because I’m a part of the U of A and it’s a good thing to kind of be involved in sports but no I have no idea.

Do you have a favorite sport?

Hynes: I love soccer, but I don’t really like following the players. I just like to watch the games.

Is there a specific soccer player you like?

Hynes: Um, David Beckham cuz his booty looks good. (laughs)

If you guys worked together could you name all the teams in the Pac-12?

Hynes: Oh my goodness. Is Iowa one of them?

Soto: What, you mean like baseball?

All the schools we play against in every sport in our conference.

Soto: Um, UCLA, ASU … Colorado. There’s that one that came last time. They were really, really rowdy.

Hynes: The Bears? Is the Bears one?

Soto: I think it starts with an “O.”

Hynes: Oregon! Let’s see, there’s nothing in Nevada, right?

Just think West Coast.

Hynes: What else is in California other than UCLA? I know there’s something else in California.

A few more wild guesses? Are we giving up on Pac-12 teams?

Hynes: Yes, I think so. (laughs)

Soto: It was a good try.

Do you know any positions on a football team?

Hynes and Soto: Quarterback! (laughs)

Hynes: There’s not a forward, is there?

Soto: Yes, there’s a forward and a running back.

A forward is actually basketball or soccer, but it’s OK.

Soto: Aww, sad day … (Laughs)

What about our mascots’ names?

Hynes and Soto: Wilbur and Wilma Wildcat!

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