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    “CatMix: Five songs to put some pep into your rebellion, anti-government or otherwise.”

    “”Star Wars”” soundtrack

    John Williams

    What better rebellion jams than the musical themes of the Rebel Alliance? Emperor Fritzitine might not actually wield the powers of the dark side, but more than a few Wildcats have found the outcomes and practices of the recent election to be … unnatural. Remember kids: fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate … leads to unethical text-related suffering!

    — Remy Albillar

    “”We’re Not Gonna Take it””

    Twisted Sister

    The title of this one says it all, and we mean it. UA students aren’t afraid to rebel against The Man. “”We’ll fight the powers that be / just don’t pick our destiny.”” So let this song remind you that “”we’re right / we’re free / we’ll fight”” — and they’ll see.

    — Miranda Butler

    “”Vigilante Man””

    Woody Guthrie

    Wandering the Dust- and Depression-streaked countryside, Uncle Woody knew that guns were not the only machines that could kill fascists. Q: “”Why does a vigilante man / Carry that sawed-off shot-gun in his hand?”” A: Because he doesn’t know how to play guitar — duh. Take Woody’s advice in your rebellion. More power chords, less guns and swords.

    — Brandon Specktor


    Destiny’s Child

    This is less an anthem about The Man and more a bootylicious pop ballad about a man. Still, I guess you could say Beyonce and those other girls proclaiming “”I’m a survivor/ Not gon’ give up / Not gon’ stop (what) / I’m gon’ work harder”” could be construed as rebelling against the oppressive patriarchy that is sex with Jay-Z. Or not.  — Heather Price-Wright

    “”Revolution 1″”

    The Beatles

    It doesn’t get more classic than the Beatles ­— and this classic song of rebellion says it all. “”You say you want a revolution / well, you know / we all wanna change the world.”” Or at least the budget crisis.   

     — Miranda Butler

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