“Lupe Fiasco, B.O.B. to appear with Sam Adams”

Steven Kwan

Boston-based rapper Sam Adams is heading to Tucson for a concert this Saturday. But Adams’s fans and others are also excited about his special guests Lupe Fiasco and B.O.B., said Matt Treptow, the concert’s producer and organizer and a business administration sophomore.

The concert will be held at the El Casino Grand Ballroom, 437 E. 26th St., on Saturday at 9 p.m.

Treptow said that after he found out that Phi Gamma Delta couldn’t schedule the concert with Adams, he organized his own event.

“”I was looking to throw something awesome at the U of A that everybody would love … The average rapper sings about shooting people, robbing, drugs and all that. And that’s not what Sam Adams does. He brings a real positive image and, especially being a white rapper, he’s really changed up the game … coming out of Boston. There’s no rappers, even black rappers, that come out of Boston, really,”” Treptow said.

The 22-year-old Adams is known for “”I Hate College,”” an answer song to Asher Roth’s “”I Love College.”” Adams’s singles “”Driving Me Crazy”” and “”Coast to Coast”” have caught on at college campuses along the East Coast, and his first album Boston’s Boy debuted at no. 1 on the iTunes Hip-Hop Albums chart in March.

Treptow said a Sam Adams fan, Jenny Miller, provided the special guests. Miller contacted him on the concert’s Facebook page, saying her uncle wanted to sponsor the event, according to Treptow. Treptow declined and she countered with an offer to bring a special guest to the concert. He then chose B.O.B., whose appearance would include Lupe Fiasco since they are on tour together.

Treptow said because Fiasco and B.O.B.’s scheduled appearances are a favor to Miller’s uncle and not done through agents and managers, no formal contracts were signed. Instead, Treptow said, Miller’s uncle sent him a photo of Fiasco and members of B.O.B. as confirmation for their appearances at Adams’s concert.

Treptow said he is looking to bring more acts to Tucson for UA students in the fall.

Tickets for the Sam Adams concert are $20 until Friday, $25 at the door. They can be purchased at www.hottestcollegeparties.net. The website states that a college ID is required.