Super Stereo launch into the future of pop

Super Stereo launch into the future of pop

Brandon Specktor

When not studying the intricacies of the universe at ASU, Patrick McGarey sings about them in front of gyrating club-goers and psychedelic lights.

You’ll find him dressed in all white, perched behind a dual keyboard/drum-kit/guitar stand that he built in a machine shop class, or standing front and center crooning about the difficulties of intergalactic romance. Under the stage name PM Nightly, McGarey is a lead creative force behind Super Stereo, a 5-piece futurepop outfit from Tempe who will introduce Club Congress’ Optimist Club to a new galaxy of sound tomorrow night.

But what is futurepop? Super Stereo has anticipated this question and answers it with their debut album on Fervor records. This is Futurepop. The tracks are electric and airy, loaded with crunchy synth riffs and irresistible dance beats. Behind space-themed lyrics is a distinct indie pop vibe, mixed with soulful male-female vocal harmonies. It’s the product you might expect if Passion Pit and Prince were forced to share the same spacecraft and compose an EP in geostationary orbit.

“”Modern music has a lot of hate in it,”” McGarey said of the band’s philosophy. “”We want to take the vibe that the soul music of the ’60s had, and we want to focus on the love and tie that into the future. We deal with love in the coming generations.””

The song “”Life Passed Me By”” is a prime example of space-age loving. While rocketing away from Earth at the speed of light, a nostalgic narrator pines for his lover back on the surface who is aging astronomically faster than he is. You don’t need a quantum physics degree to sympathize.

Super Stereo’s This is Futurepop is scheduled for release in December but in the meantime, you can get a copy at their show tomorrow. Join the gang at Optimist Club for a cosmic time.