Freshman freedom

New students discover the highs and lows of life on their own

Michael Whitmer

Never being able to just up and leave when at home, Whitmer just returned from a weekend trip to Utah, which he said was awesome. Financial freedom is also a major plus for him.””You can buy anything you want. You don’t have to say ‘Mom, can I borrow some money?'””

Kevin Mohrweis

Mohrweis, who has already established himself by becoming treasurer for Video Game Extreme, a campus club, likes spending his time keeping up his gaming skills. He admitted to spending as much as $10 a day in the Games Room at Wilbur’s Underground, a practice that may not be conducive to a strong financial situation.

Regarding if and when he does laundry, Mohrweis said, “”assuming I don’t spend all my money in the arcade, I have done that a few times.””

Kevin Whitley
biochemistry and molecular biophysics

While he says he has not really done anything crazy that would be impossible under his parents’ roof, he has had a bit of trouble adapting to sanitary eating.

“”I haven’t done my dishes at all. I have been using the same bowl to eat out of since I got here; I haven’t actually cleaned it yet. I am surprised I haven’t had like, food

Ashley Kuborn
pre-computer science

A member of a minority – students who live at home – Kuborn said she feels a bit constrained by living with her parents.

“”When I see kids that I know that are in the dorms, I kind of wish that I was in there too because they seem to have a lot more freedom with what they do and where they go.””

Laura Campbell and Kevin Gudenkauf
undeclared and physics

This couple enjoys the standard perk of staying out later than they could at home, but they had a few differences with how they handled life on their own.

“”I clean once in a great while,””
Gudenkauf said.

“”When I get the chance to go home on the weekends, I try to do that whenever I can, for free laundry and free food,”” Campbell said.””

Sam Cutter

Cutter said being away from home is “”pretty awesome.”” He also does not like to clean his apartment.

“”It really sucks, our place is really dirty. We have, like, a kitchen. It’s hard to clean. I never do it. We try to get girls on the floor to do it; that works out sometimes.””

When asked how he convinces others to clean his place for him, all he said was “”We are really witty.”” In response to whether or not college life is what he thought it would be, he answered in the slyest voice “”yeah.””