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Arizona at Stanford

It’s plain to see that the Arizona men’s basketball team has struggled in the latter half of its season. Meanwhile, the Lady Cats have been showing much improvement of late. Therefore, the women’s team should play Stanford tomorrow instead of the men’s team. Suzy Bofia dunks over each of Stanford’s 7-foot Lopez twins even with a torn ACL and Joy Hollingsworth sinks the game winning trey to top off a career-high 32-point game.

Arizona 68, Stanford 65

Lance Madden, sports writer

You have to be smart to go to Stanford, right? Well, maybe the basketball team should use their intelligence and not show up for the game. Arizona is on a mission to burst the bubble that everyone keeps putting around them, and Stanford is simply in the way. The Cardinal may be better off going to the computer lab and calculating how many tries it would take them to beat the Wildcats.

Arizona 85, Stanford 69

Ari Wasserman, sports writer

The last time these teams played, Arizona was ranked No. 7. A lot has changed. Now these two teams have similar records and both have been struggling lately. Defense will be key for both teams, but as we all know, defense has not exactly been a highlight of the Wildcats’ game. Plus, finding a kryptonite for Stanford’s Lopez supermen will prove difficult – especially Brook Lopez, who has averaged at least 20 points in the Cardinals’ last four games.

Stanford 79, Arizona 76

Bobby Stover, sports writer

No. 23 USC at No. 13 Washington St.

WSU head coach Tony Bennett is tired of being asked if he’s planning on leaving the Cougs after his first year just because he’s underpaid. Uh, why would he? He’s doing pretty well, and he’ll be doing even better when his team edges USC. Why is this win in the books already? The Trojans lost to WSU once already this season and, oh yeah, remember who the only team to drop a conference game to ASU was? My point exactly.

Washington State 64, USC 61

Lance Madden, sports writer

Washington State’s year has baffled all the experts. Nobody has an answer for them, especially USC. After losing to the Cougars on their home floor earlier in the season, the Trojans are going to add another loss to their record when Washington State takes this one. Both teams have had better years than expected, but USC is going to end their season on a down note.

Washington State 68, USC 61

Ari Wasserman, sports writer

Despite some big wins this season, USC doesn’t come across as that big a threat. Perhaps the reason for this was the 68-58 meltdown the Trojans had two weeks ago in Tempe. As the only team in the Pac-10 to let the Sun Devils taste victory this season, the USC Trojans don’t appear to be capable, nor do they deserve to finish their season with an upset win over No. 13 Washington State Saturday. Cougars roll.

Washington State 76, USC 70

Bobby Stover, sports writer

No. 15 Texas at No. 3 Kansas

If you’re going to play in Texas, make sure you’re not a Jayhawk. Half of Kansas’ losses have come against Texas schools. There will be fans wearing burnt orange in attendance, and they will rush – no wait – stampede the court after the upset. With Texas’ Kevin Durant, a beast of a freshman at 6-foot-9, 225 pounds, leading the Longhorns with 24.7 points per game, the birds’ wings will be clipped.

Texas 84, Kansas 79

Lance Madden, sports writer

There is something about the state of Texas that has Kansas fooled. The Jayhawks have suffered only two losses in their last 22 games and both have come at the hands of a Texas team, but Kansas is going to figure it out this time. The Longhorns are coming off the biggest victory of their season, a win over No. 7 Texas A&M, but Kansas at home is a different story. It’s time for Texas to wake up from the dream of winning the Big-12.

Kansas 56, Texas 55

Ari Wasserman, sports writer

This game will be one of the best over the weekend, as Texas will be entering Allen Fieldhouse with the possibility of leaving as the Big-12’s top team. Kansas has been mowing down the bottom teams in the Big-12 but has not faced a big test since they lost to Texas A&M Feb. 3. Meanwhile, the Longhorns are bringing momentum from their dramatic double overtime win against the Aggies on Wednesday. Texas will outlast the Jayhawks and rise to the top of the conference.

Texas 83, Kansas 79

Bobby Stover, sports writer