Gear up for a good time with our Coachella 2016 playlist


Caren Badtke

Attendees of Coachella walk around the giant moving butterfly that blossomed from a caterpillar on Sunday.

Mariel Bustamante

To Coachella or not to Coachella? Either way, we’ve got you covered, music-wise. Enjoy this fun, upbeat playlist featuring tracks from the must-see acts performing this year at Coachella.

“Holding On (feat. Gregory Porter)” — Disclosure

The first time I heard this song, I was changed forever and thought, “I now have an instant love for deep house.” (Side note: I was once a hater of anything electronic, but then I realized EDM ruins everything.) Hold onto this sick beat on your way to Coachella.

“I Can Change” — LCD Soundsystem

Early 2000s dance-rock LCD Soundsytem will reunite at Coachella to make you daydream and pretend you’re Zenon, the girl from the 21st century.

“Never Be Like You (feat. Kai)”— Flume

q`Oh, Flume. Those background swoops, hard-yet-soft bass and the sweet, angelic voice of Kai will make you feel the love and the heartbreak in this chill trap song.

“I Look To You (feat. Kimbra)” — Miami Horror

Horns and Miami Horror make the world go round.

“Genesis” — Grimes

Listening to Grimes is like listening to an angelic fairy robot from another world. It’s next-level, bubblegum, K-Pop-inspired madness. Hop on board and join the fun.

“Jessica (feat. Ezra Koening)” — Major Lazer

Dance hall/reggae fusion with Ezra Koening from Vampire Weekend. What else could you want in life?

“The Mother We Share” — CHVRCHES

This upbeat electronic song is one of this Scottish band’s most famous songs. The quality synth-pop of CHVRCHES continues the growing popularity of indie electronic music.

“Lazuli” — Beach House

We can’t deny that Beach House is the most ethereal, soothing, dream pop band out there. The band’s performance at Coachella is going to be amazing.

“Fineshrine” — Purity Ring

This electronic duo knows how to make chill trap enjoyable.

“So Good At Being In Trouble” — Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Find love at Coachella, or bring it with you. Make sure to bring your S.O. to see UMO perform this song.

“F**kin’ Problems (feat. Drake, 2 Chainz, Kendrick Lamar)” — A$AP Rocky

This is the jam. Enough said.

“I’ve Seen Footage” — Death Grips

“Death Grips? You must be crazy!” Okay, yes — but “I’ve Seen Footage” isn’t as bad as you’d think. MC Ride acts tough, but I’m pretty sure he’s a soft lil’ guy deep (deep) inside.

“Lie, Cheat, Steal” — Run the Jewels

If you don’t feel badass after listening to this song, you might want to go see a doctor. This hip-hop superduo has the best production and beats. That being said — don’t actually lie, cheat or steal.

“No Vaseline” — Ice Cube

The ultimate diss in hip-hop, this track serves as Ice Cube’s dedication to his ex-group N.W.A. HYPE.

There you have it, Wildcats. If you’re not going to Coachella, don’t feel so bad. The festival streams all its performances on YouTube. So, grab your tissues this weekend and watch your favorite bands and artists perform via the Internet.

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