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    Athlete of the week: Nick Folk

    Nick Folk
    Nick Folk

    Editor’s note: Kicker Nick Folk took home the Pacific 10 Conference’s Special Teams Player of the Week honors after his 48-yard boot lifted the Cats to a 16-13 victory over Brigham Young in the season opener Saturday. After also taking over punting duties midway through the game, the senior’s boots were good enough to lead the nation in punting with 56 yards per punt. The Wildcat caught up with last week’s hero to get his thoughts on the kick and what he thinks of pressure.

    Wildcat: Obviously, it was a great weekend for you, and it got even better when you were named Pac-10 Special Teams Player of the Week. What are your thoughts on that award?

    Folk: I don’t know, I just went out there and performed and did what I had to do to help the team win. I mean, I had a pretty good night, and I got thrown in there to punt, and I did all right at it, and we won – that’s the biggest thing.

    W: What was it like in that moment leading up to the game-winning kick?

    F: Leading up, I was pretty confident. It was definitely within my range to make it, and we were just tied, so it wasn’t terribly – I mean it wasn’t going to hurt the team if I missed or whatever – so I just went out there and performed. You don’t really think too much about it. I just thought about making it.

    W: When was the last time you kicked a game-winner?

    F: In high school. My senior year, so probably about four or five years ago now.

    W: How does that experience relate to Saturday?

    F: I mean, it’s definitely similar. That one was a little bit closer and it was high school, but it was against our rival and to win our league championship, so it was pretty intense too, but it was nothing like this in front of 58,000 people.

    W: We also have some “”get to know Nick Folk”” type of questions – is there a specific reason for your haircut (Folk shaves his head)?

    F: Not really. It’s just what I’ve been doing since I was little. I mean, I had my hair long for a little bit, but then it just got pretty long and I just cut it off.

    W: What about your number? (Folk switched from No. 16 to No. 12 last season.)

    F: I don’t know, I was No. 12 my junior and senior years of high school, and I wanted to stick with it when I came here and someone else was already No. 12, so I just tried to get something else.

    W: Now, we’ve got some word association. Say whatever comes to your mind. Pressure.

    F: Confident.

    W: Game-winners.

    F: Exciting.

    W: Bowl game.

    F: Umm … Wanna get to one. (Laughs) Sorry, that wasn’t one word.

    W: Mike Stoops.

    F: Intense.

    W: Food.

    F: Delicious.

    W: Marketing.

    F: Sales.

    W: What about “”Folk Hero””?

    F: (laughs) BYU.

    -interview by Ryan Casey

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