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    Police Beat

    Woman reports sexual assault

    An officer was flagged down to help a woman who was sexually assaulted Oct. 8 at 3 p.m.

    An officer was driving south on Campbell approaching Grant when he stopped at a red light. The officer then noticed a man waving him over to the sidewalk. The officer parked his vehicle and met the man.

    The man pointed over his shoulder and told the officer that the woman he was pointing to had been assaulted. He said that the police had been called and they were waiting for them to show up when the man saw the officer.

    The woman was crying and had cuts on her legs. She told the officer that she had been raped by four men and was bleeding. Another woman was sitting with the assault victim attempting to calm her down. The victim was disoriented and emotional.

    The woman was visibly distraught and had dried blood on her face and multiple cuts on her hands and legs. When the officer asked the woman her name she told him, but said that she had already talked to the police and they didn’t believe her.

    The officer called for paramedics as the woman explained that she had been dropped off in that area by a cab and had come from Aviation and 22nd Street. She said the cab was going to return for her to take her to her home on Pantano Road.

    The officer asked what happened and the woman continued to cry while explaining that four men had beaten and raped her and that she really only wanted to go home. Reports said it was difficult to understand what she was saying.

    A city official showed up on scene around the same time paramedics did. The matter was taken care of by them after this point.

    Officers were informed of a suspicious vehicle Oct. 8 at around midnight.

    Truck found with guitar, alcohol inside

    A Parking and Transportation Services agent contacted police after seeing a red S-10 Blazer parked the wrong way near First Street and Mountain Oct. 8 around midnight. When police arrived they noted that there was an extremely strong smell of liquor coming from the interior of the car. An inspection revealed that the inside of the car was littered with beer bottles, hard liquor bottles and other types of bottles. The exterior of the car had body damage to the front end of the driver’s side, along with a flat tire on the driver’s side. There also appeared to be white paint transfer on the bumper of the car, although the source could not be found in the immediate area of the vehicle.

    The vehicle had been there since Oct. 7 at 9 p.m. Officers found a small notepad with phone numbers on it inside the vehicle. They tried to make contact with several of the people named in the notepad but were unsuccessful in reaching the vehicle’s owner.

    There was a guitar in the car as well, which was taken into possession. The still-full liquor bottles in the car were hidden in the car by officers so that people passing by could not see them and take them.

    A note was left on the car stating that the guitar would be at UAPD for safekeeping.

    Man suspected of shoplifting released

    A man was followed to the food court at the Student Union Memorial Center after being suspected of shoplifting at the UofA Bookstore on Oct. 8 at 2:30 p.m.

    Police responded to a call from bookstore security officials, who said they had followed a man to the food court in the SUMC. They said they watched the man on their security camera go into a dressing room with a red shirt but emerge without it. A bookstore employee then followed the man to the food court, where he met police.

    Police approached the man. He told officers that he did try on clothes but did not think that he had tried on a red shirt. The man consented to a search of his backpack and person. Officers found no red shirt in the man’s bag or on his body.

    Police released the man without citation. A copy of the surveillance footage was viewed, showing he did go into the dressing room with a red shirt and exited without one.

    Man leaves bookstore with stolen t-shirt

    Police have no suspect after a man left the UofA Bookstore without paying for an item on Oct. 8 at 11:15 a.m.

    Police responded to a suspected shoplifting call, where a security guard told officers that he had witnessed a man on the surveillance tapes steal a T-shirt. He said the suspect entered the bookstore, walked up to a rack and picked up a T-shirt. The man then put the T-shirt over his shoulder and walked out of the store without paying for it. Security was unable to catch the man.

    The employee told officers that the man appeared to be in his 20s and was wearing a purple or maroon shirt with a white stripe around the collar. He was also wearing a USC baseball hat and sunglasses.

    The estimated value of the shirt was $15. There are no suspects.

    Minor hides 30-case behind dumpster

    A man was cited and released for minor in possession on Oct. 10 at 11:09 pm.

    Police observed a man place a 30-case of Keystone Light Beer behind a dumpster located on the south side of the 7-Eleven convenience store located at Speedway Boulevard and Park Avenue.

    Officers said that when the man saw the police car, he began walking away from the case of beer. Police made contact with the man. He told them that the case of beer was not his, but that it belonged to a friend who was going to return for it in a short amount of time. Police arrested the man for MIP. He was cited and released. The beer was confiscated and disposed of. The Dean of Students was notified as well.

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