Hammered on the cheap: five jungle juice recipes

Hammered on the cheap: five jungle juice recipes

Sophia Zeno

If you are planning on entertaining a large group of girls, the sweet and tangy “pink panty droppers” is recipe for a happy medium of “Oh my gosh, is there alcohol in this?” and “one more of these will be the end of me.”

2 handles of cheap grain vodka
2 cans of Country Time Pink Lemonade mix
Ice and water to taste

This heavenly concoction is the best remedy to a rough week — or if you’re just looking to make some barely recollected and questionable decisions. You may think you’re an indestructible tank when it comes to consuming large quantities of alcohol, but let this Everclear-loaded recipe give you a run for your money.

1 handle of cheap vodka
5th of Everclear
1 liter of ginger ale
2 flavors of fruit punch

This classic combination of jungle juice is sure to get you in a happy place on a carefree Saturday night. If you are looking to have a drunken night with a classic taste, this generic jungle juice recipe is sure to do the trick. It seems that few can come to a complete consensus as to how it should be made, but these ingredients will be sure to bring you into an intoxicated dimension of party bliss.

2 handles of cheap vodka
1 liter of grain alcohol
2 cans of limeade concentrate
2 liters Sprite
2 cans of your favorite flavor of Kool Aid
Ice and Water to taste

This recipe is not for those lacking alcohol tolerance or for the faint of heart — literally. With this ill-advised combination of caffeine and alcohol, the aptly named Loko Punch will ensure a high-energy night out. When we are looking to get quickly and sufficiently intoxicated, many resort to a cold sweet Four Loko. If this sounds like your preference, put these ingredients on your shopping list. However, it is a doozy, so if you are rugged enough to survive a night after a few cups of Loko Punch, more power to you.

10 5-Hour Energy bottles
2 4-packs of Red Bull
2 Liters of grain alcohol
1 Handle of cheap gin or vodka
2 liters Sprite, Fresca, ginger ale or 7-Up
2 Cans of Country Time Lemonade mix
Ice and water to taste

This mouthful of happiness isn’t big in the party scene yet, but that needs to change — it’s called Gummy Bear, and it’s awesome. It’s sweet and delicious, but still potent enough to give you a successful evening without a care in the world. Come on, it’s the equivalent of drinking a gummy bear. How could you go wrong with that?

1 liter of grain alcohol
1 Handle of cheap vodka
6 light beers
2 liters Ginger Ale
1 large can of Country Time Lemonade mix
1 750ml pomegranate vodka

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