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    “On the spot: Michael Hernandez, Pre-Physiology sophomore”

    Pre-physiology, wow, that sounds like a tough major. What’s your hardest class?

    Well it’s hard to choose just one, but probably Organic Chemistry.

    O-chem., that does not sound fun. So you are a UofA Bookstore associate. Tell us a little bit about what you do at the bookstore.

    Well, I was hired as a cashier for rush but it has definitely calmed down since the last two weeks. I don’t know if you’ve seen, but it has been crazy. Yesterday I think I cashed in like $30,000 alone.

    Wow, that is ridiculous. And then you get to see all the different students that come in and out all day long. So if you don’t mind me asking,  who pays your bills? Who pays for your school, do you support yourself, do mom and dad take care of you?

    My mom and dad.

    That’s awesome, and do you help them out at all with working?

    I’m trying to; I definitely am trying to give them a little financial break by working. At least pay for books.

    So for the weekends or to have fun, where do you get that money from?

    My parents. They definitely help me out if I ask.

    Oh definitely. So in other words your parents give you money for “”school”” and that’s how you have fun on the weekends?

    Yes, you got it.

    So do you have a Facebook?

    Yes, I actually just got one a couple weeks ago.

    Oh, you’re new. Welcome to the cyber land of face. Well, I have been noticing that a lot of Facebook statuses are becoming a little too personal. How do you feel about that? Like a little TMI?

    Yes. Personal stuff, just getting way too personal. I mean I don’t like to get too personal. I am not about to post that I’m going to the bathroom or stuff like that, or sad stories. I don’t want to be making people sad.

    If you don’t mind me asking, what is your status right now? Do you even know?

    Oh gosh, I think last night I posted a quote from Toby Keith, there’s a song.

    So do you draw the line with quotes or song lyrics or how does that work?

    Songs are fine, quotes are fine, something that you just did that is exciting or fun or interesting, that’s fine. I think you should just know. There are certain things you tell people and certain things you just don’t.

    Exactly, I feel like Facebook statuses are becoming another form of PDA. Well to wrap this up, it’s Thursday night so I have to ask you … Are you going to watch “”Jersey Shore?””

    Oh my gosh, I just can’t because I don’t have cable.

    Good for you.

    Don’t get me wrong, I know all about the shore. The Situation, grenades, Pauly, I know ‘em all.

    —Caroline Nachazel


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