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    Talking Points

    The most interesting quotes, opinions and revelations
    of the week

    “”This massive bailout is not a solution. It is financial socialism and it’s un-American.””
    – Sen. Jim Bunning, R-Ky., Sept. 23, 2008

    “”Instead of only passing resolutions decrying terrorist attacks after they occur, we must cooperate more closely to keep terrorist attacks from happening in the first place. Instead of treating all forms of government as equally tolerable, we must actively challenge the conditions of tyranny and despair that allow terror and extremism to thrive.””
    – President George W. Bush, last speech as president to the United Nations, Sept. 23, 2008

    “”This does not validate Noam Chomsky, it validates Ron Paul. If we actually had capitalism, if we actually had conservative government, if we actually had fiscal conservatism, none of this would have happened.””
    – Andrew Sullivan, “”Real Time With Bill Maher,”” Sept. 19, 2008

    “”What (Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson) is saying here is, this program that (companies) think is very important, we need it to get the economy out of the doldrums, but if it is going to nick them of a couple of million of the millions that they already have, they are going to boycott it. I hope they are not that selfish and unpatriotic.””
    – Rep. Barney Frank, House Financial Services committee chairman, CNBC, Sept. 23, 2008

    STRYKER (Host of “”Loveline””): “”You guys, you and Samantha (Ronson), have been going out for how long now?””LINDSAY LOHAN: “”A very long time.””
    STRYKER: “”I hope you guys stay together. You’re a very lovely-looking couple.”” LOHAN: “”Thank you very much.””
    -Lohan finally confirms rumored relationship with Ronson, “”Loveline,”” Sept. 22, 2008

    “”Be honest. What sentence can you quote from (Sen. Barack Obama’s) convention speech in Denver? I thought so. All right, what about his big rally speech in Berlin? Just as I guessed. OK, help me out: Surely you can manage to cite a line or two from his imperishable address on race (compared by some liberal academics to Gettysburg itself) in Philadelphia? No, not the line about his white grandmother. Some other line. Oh, dear. Now do you see what I mean?””
    – Christopher Hitchens, “”Is Obama Another Dukakis?””, Sept. 22, 2008

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