Add a little sparkle to your weekend with Brightest

Maura Lastovicka

Discovering My Brightest Diamond is much like going through your grandmother’s childhood memories: cobwebs, hand puppets, bizarre hairstyles and over-the top-outfits. Shara Worden, the singer-songwriter of My Brightest Diamond, is hardly seen onstage without pleats or a cape.

Having 17 members in the band – including a string quartet – the one and only singer has her work cut out. But the very capable Worden was trained as an opera singer and born into a family of traveling musicians, so projection is not a problem for her.

Whether singing a cappella, encapsulating Odetta in every aspect except girth or rising above the myriad of musicians she carts along her tour, Worden’s voice haunts and makes you question which century you are in. Her classical training gives a symmetry and execution that has been hard to find lately in the indie genre, which will often let caterwauling pass.

It’s hard to wrap one’s mind around the various genres covered in one My Brightest Diamond set, which range from gospel to rock and baroque, to covering the sycophantically ’80s “”Tainted Love.”” It is better to just think of the band as genre-less, a group of orphaned musicians adopting whatever catches its fancy.

Claire and the Reasons, a glamorous group that’ll make you wish that you, too, could be part of their world – a world with dark lipstick, ghoulish piano and Obama tributes – will accompany My Brightest Diamond.

My Brightest Diamond
Saturday, Nov. 29 at 9 p.m.
Solar Culture
31 E. Toole Ave.