On The Spot

On The Spot

We found Paul Barbone outside of Tyndall Parking Garage, 880 E. Fourth St., and decided to ask him about his youth.

Wildcat: You’re on the spot. What’s your first memory?

Barbone: A birthday cake at a birthday party for me.

W: What kind of birthday cake was it?

B: It was shaped like a rhinoceros.

W: That’s awesome! Did you eat it all?

B: I had a bunch of friends there. The cake disappeared.

W: What birthday was it?

B: Fourth or fifth. I really don’t know.

W: What’s your favorite cereal?

B: Cheerios.

W: Why?

B: It’s healthy.

W: What do you think of all the Cheerios imposters? They say they’re Cheerios but they’re not really.

B: I just eat regular Cheerios and I don’t even look at them.

W: Yeah. What was your favorite childhood toy?

B: A gun.

W: A real gun?

B: Just a toy gun. Cowboys and indians and war and that’s what little boys do.

W: Would you still consider using it today?

B: No.

W: You’d probably be shot by the police if they saw you. They’d think it was real. When did you stop picking your nose?

B: I don’t really remember doing it much after being a toddler.

W: What about sucking your thumb?

B: I think I was about three.

W: What about hitting your siblings?

B: I’d still be inclined to do that.

W: If any presidential candidate could be your mommy, who would it be?

B: None.

W: It could be Hillary Clinton or it could be a man in drag. If John McCain wanted to dress up as a woman…

B: See, I like my mom. I wouldn’t.

W: If your mom ran for president, what would you do?

B: Literally, my mom has passed away.

W: Oh. What’s the weirdest thing you would ever do in a sandbox?

B: I can’t tell you.

W: Perfect answer.

ð- interview by Andi Berlin