“$5,000 in merchandise stolen from Lulubell”

Bryan Ponton

Late Sunday night, Lulubell Toy Bodega, 439 N. Sixth Ave., faced a break-in, and lost around $5,000 in merchandise.

The locally-owned toy store faced a robbery of 50 stolen items, including a three-foot tall fiberglass statue, “”Evil”” by Frank Kozik, an artist known for his rock concert posters. The statue is one of around 25 in the world and is one of the main pieces in the Lulubell Toy Bodega.

“”The items taken are very niche,”” said owner Amy del Castillo in an e-mail. “”They would be terribly hard for anyone to sell and get their value, so the best thing in this situation would be for us to recover what was taken.””

Tucson Police Department is currently working on this case.  If you have any tips, please call TPD at 791-4444 or call Lulubell Toy Bodega at 622-5858, or e-mail Amy at amy@lulbelltoys.com.

— Bryan Ponton