“On the Spot: Glendon Gross, Trumpet performer in the UA Jazz Band”

Arizona Daily Wildcat

What first turned you on to the trumpet?

When I was six years old, I heard a recording of the Chicago Symphony and that was my introduction to classical music and I’d dance around the living room. Ever since that time I wanted to play the trumpet. I’m in my 40’s and it’s fun being a student and a jazz musician at the same time.

When you were in your 20’s what was going through your head at the time?

I dropped out of school so I didn’t see how school related to my trumpet playing. I really love mixing with younger people and going to classes, it keeps my mind active and I meet a lot of interesting people here.

What is something you do when no one else is looking?

When no one else is looking I usually am at the piano trying to figure out a song or improvising.

First drink you ordered on your 21st birthday?

A beer. I think it was Heineken Dark.

What is something you do that makes the ladies go crazy?

It seems that when I play the trumpet people take more interest in me, and when I play jazz I have a better chance.

I don’t think any woman can resist a musician.

I think that is definitely true.