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    “On the Spot: Laiken Jordahl, Undeclared sophomore”

    Have you ever been skydiving?

    I have not.

    Do you want to?

    Of course I want to go skydiving because it would be exhilarating. It would be terrifying, absolutely terrifying.

    How do you feel about base jumping?

    It’s my number one heart’s desire: to defy gravity and fly with the wind.

    What is the craziest thing you have ever done physically? You just seem like an outdoor kind of guy.

    I’m trying to think of shocking things, backpacking trips, hot springs, like jumping of cliffs and stuff on a snowboard. I don’t know, all sorts of stuff.

    So you pretty much have no fears?

    Not as much. I am more afraid of committing to four years of school, especially in a place like Arizona.

    There’s no oceans or cliffs here?

    Definitely no cliffs.

    What’s the number one place you want to go to the most to do some of these crazy things?

    British Columbia. I want to live up there. It’s beautiful. Everything is up there, mountains, oceans …



    Would you rather swim in an ocean full of sharks or a swamp full of alligators?

    Ocean full of sharks because then I could at least, like, see them.

    Aren’t you scared of them?

    Yeah, but I’ve seen them in Middle Asia.

    Why were you in Middle Asia?

    Because I used to live there. I’m going to take my retainer out. This is embarrassing.

    Whenever I put mine in, I have to take painkillers.

    Yeah, I just found mine and now have a slight lisp. OK anyways, why did I live in Asia? My parents moved over there, and so I went over there for a year and went to school and it was wonderful.

    Did you hang out with a lot of elephants?    

    Yeah, I used to ride them. I was the modern-day Mowgli. It was pretty cool, they’re pretty bumpy.

    Bumpin’ and grindin’ with the elephants?

    Yeah, I go hard on elephants, all day.

    Interesting. How do you feel about using animals for circus purposes?

    It’s kind of messed up. Animals have feelings, too. Obviously, they don’t want to be used and violated for entertainment. They are just as scared of clowns as the average human.

    You’re afraid of clowns?

    Well, “”Saw”” is pretty terrifying. I’m not going to pee my pants if I see a clown walking around, but yeah.

     — Caroline Nachazel

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