“On the Spot: Kimberly Menshek, undeclared freshman”

Caroline Nachazel

Do you like to dance?

Wow, that is a quite a question. It would be an understatement to say that I love to dance, at parties, in my underwear, in the halls, literally everywhere.

Oh wow, that is awesome. Why do you like it so much?

It is just a way to get down and nasty.

Do you go to dance clubs?

Like academic clubs or nightclubs?

Either, I mean you are a freshman, so I don’t know how many nightclubs you have been able to go to.

Oh, age is just a number. It is all about knowing the right people. Plus, my moves get me into places a lot of people can’t.

Sounds like an episode of “”The Hills.””

(Laughs) My life is nothing like “”The Hills,”” let me tell you.


I do not base my days around what I am going to wear that day and if some guy has texted me back.

What do you base your days around?

I would say homework or studying like every other kid, but that is just not an honest answer. I should be basing my days here around school, but I find myself just socializing and trying to decide who to hang out with that day.

Better enjoy that girl. It will change soon.

I mean, I am young. I don’t want to start getting wrinkles worrying about my Love and Eroticism test when I could be having fun and doing something crazy.

What is something crazy you plan to do before the semester ends?

Hmm … that’s a good one. I’ve accomplished a lot of crazy goals already so it’s going to have be something extremely wild. I don’t know, probably like parachute off a roof.


Dreaming big, I know.

So I take it that you don’t like to live with rules?

Rules are great, but they are not for me. Why should I follow the rules of someone random that has no credentials that made them up?

Such a great question. How do you feel about juvenile delinquents?

I feel sorry for them. They either were in the wrong place at the wrong time or were just completely living life.

What if you got a phone call from your mom telling you she was in jail, what would you tell her?

I’d say: “”Yeah Mom! So glad you are finally living life.”” Then she would probably start laughing. My mom is my partner in crime.

Caroline Nachazel