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    What’s so great about Halloween? Arizona athletes know


    Q: What are you dressing up as this year for Halloween?

    Mike Thomas: I don’t do the whole Halloween thing. I ain’t too much into it.

    Q: Have you ever dressed up?

    MT: I remember one time I dressed up as a Ninja Turtle. I was a big Ninja Turtle fan back in the day, so that one was pretty cool.

    Q: Do you remember which Ninja Turtle it was? Was it Michelangelo?

    MT: I think it was Michelangelo. Whichever one the blue one was (Editor’s note: Leonardo).

    Q: What would you want to see head coach Mike Stoops dress up as?

    MT: (Laughs) I don’t know. Probably Frankenstein or a pumpkin, something like that.

    Q: You said you don’t celebrate Halloween, but do you have a favorite memory?

    MT: Just the trick-or-treating, you know? We would always go out and play the little games and trick-or-treat when we were little. That was always good.

    as told to Mike Ritter

    Women’s basketball

    Q: What’s your favorite Halloween costume?

    Marie McGee: One year I went as a panda bear.

    Q: What are you dressing up as this year?

    MM: I’m going as Michael Jackson this year.

    Q: What’s your favorite Halloween memory?

    MM: My senior year, my whole high school team went trick or treating …17 years old, trick-or-treating with little kids.

    Q: Was that your last time trick-or-treating?

    MM: Yes, we didn’t go last year because we had practice the next day.

    Q: What would you like to see your coach dressed up as?

    MM: I’d like to see her as a kangaroo, just because it’s something random and I think she’d look so hilarious in that costume. I’d die laughing.

    as told to Bryan Roy


    Q: What’s your favorite Halloween costume?

    Katie Jackels: Actually, this weekend, on Saturday, Brittany Leonard and I were jungle girls. We made dresses. We got a bunch of material at JoAnn (Fabrics). It was leopard print. And we had leaves coming up our legs, and gold jewelry. It was really cute. A couple of the other girls were jungle girls, too. We all met out at (senior) Emily (Harper’s) house, the whole team.

    Q: If you could see your coach in one costume, what would it be?

    KJ: A bicyclist, because he always has this phrase, “”I feel like someone stole my bicycle.””

    as told to Lance Madden


    Q: What are you going to be for Halloween?

    London King: A white crayon. (Junior defender) Savanah Levake said she had a dream where everyone was crayons, so we just decided to all go as crayons.

    Q: What is your favorite Halloween memory?

    LK: Ooh, this is a good one. One time I went to a haunted house with one of my cousins. It was me (and) my cousin, and my aunt came in because we were young at the time and were scared. So he had a hat with his costume, and it dropped and he panicked. He was going crazy. He was more scared that he couldn’t find his hat. (The people in the haunted house) were grabbing our legs and going crazy and he was screaming because he couldn’t find his hat. It was just so funny that he was so hysterical about his hat being lost when (the house) was scary as heck. I was scared and he was screaming his head off.

    as told to Bobby Stover

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