Just what the doctor ordered

Just what the doctor ordered

Tauni Malmgren

It’s the middle of the semester, and stress is in the air. Kids are starting to walk around in their sweats, studying note cards and eating at the same time. Thankfully, whether you’re dealing with midterms, looming deadlines or a demanding part-time job, Philadelphia indie-rock band Dr. Dog is coming to Club Congress tonight to help ease some of the pressure.

“”Are you movin’ much too fast?”” asks Dr. Dog on their track “”The Breeze,”” a song that might as well be a diagnostic test for the soul. If you are, they have the perfect prescription: retro psychedelic rock that throws back to 1960s bands like The Band and The Beatles.

Seeing Dr. Dog may be the closest thing you’ll get to seeing a Beatles concert, but they still have a uniqueness that has earned them indie-credibility as they opened for bands like Wilco, The Strokes and The Black Keys.

Their classic rock revival sound is as upbeat as it is comforting. It fuses major chord loving instruments like guitar and piano, suggesting gospel tunes or a piano house. The music is topped with folky, likable vocals, chalk full of Beach Boy harmonies and John Lennon outcries. The feel-good lyrics are heartfelt and reference American ideals, so expect down-home music as satisfying as a slice of warm apple pie.

“”What you thought was a hurricane was just the rustling of the wind. Why do you think we need amazing grace just to tell us like it is? Oh, I don’t need no doctor to tear me all apart. I just need you to mend my heart,”” Dr. Dog croons during their song “”Hang On.”” With lyrics like this, it’s hard not to oblige.

Whether you are looking to ease trying times or just want to hear some good music, I recommend this soulful concert with a laid back attitude and maybe a bourbon on the rocks, so take two songs and call me in the morning.