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    In response to “Lecture results in hate mail, threats” (by Ethan McSweeney, Nov. 7)

    I am a conservative, and am in this class. Wilerton is a passionate teacher who cares about his students. His lectures are meaningful and interesting. Although he has presented lectures that touch on Fox News or negatives of the Republican Party, he has always present both sides. He allows people to respond in his class and presents them. If people are all up in arms because he has presented liberal ideas in class, that is ridiculous. You are unrealistic if you are offended when your party is criticized, because both sides have problems. Wilerton teaches comparative politics and that is exactly what he does, he presents all views. Quit criticizing a respectful and passionate teacher. This article should have mentioned how his class is completely full every lecture because students enjoy the class. Wilerton deserves recognition for keeping his students engaged. This is not a story of a liberal teacher promoting their agenda, I’ve had teachers like that, and Wilerton is not one of them.

    — Joe Zanoni

    Typical UofA, allowing liberal propaganda to be spread and defending it. If a Republican did something like this they would be up in arms and he/she would be fired. Call this the nail in the coffin for any U of A donation requester. We want your money but don’t you dare expect us to share the beliefs that made you that money … it’s our money, we will do with it what we please. Well U of A, not from my pocket. Preach your political beliefs from the altar at church … no sir, that’s not allowed; indoctrinate kids and force them to listen to liberal ranting, that’s required.

    — Conservative

    Conservatism just sucks, and when you are the minority we are going to criminalize you like you did us — for the last 50 years.
    Moral laws are great [be]cause anything can be criminalized.
    Expect to be deemed felons then banned from all government entitlements then told to pull yourselves up via your own bootstraps.

    It will come to pass.

    — shawn_von_socialist

    “Conservatism just sucks”? That’s really your argument?
    You’re going to criminalize us like we criminalized you for the past 50 years? Really?

    And you know what, we understand what hard work means and have the work ethic and persistence to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps. A quality that you, quite obviously, don’t possess.

    If I’m banned from all government entitlements, then I don’t have to pay taxes, right? No problem! I’ll pay for a private (and better) education for my children; I’ll purchase my own health insurance through a privately held company, and not expect any help from the government … but then again, I don’t get any now, so how would it be any different?

    Quick question for you: How do you propose we pay our debts to foreign countries if we increase spending? Where will the money come from? Ah, but wait — you wouldn’t understand the ins and outs of financial issues because everything is handed to you from the government. Too bad.

    — John Q. (in response to shawn_von_socialist)

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