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    Jaden Smith: musical prophet or spoiled rich kid?

    The Internet has not been able to stop talking about Jaden Smith. The son of actors Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith has matured into a quasi-philosopher-prophet. The 16-year-old musician seems to be the hypothetical result of the deep web suddenly opening up a vortex and spitting out a life form. He and sister Willow Smith’s recent New York Times interview certainly has the world asking: Who is Jaden Smith?

    At KAMP Student Radio, our disc jockeys have been spinning his seven-minute saga, “Blue Ocean.” The lyrics are surprisingly concrete, and the beat is simple yet sophisticated. Jaden Smith spins a tale of lost love, from which we can learn a valuable lesson: Never fall in love at Coachella.

    Blue Ocean.

    A photo posted by Jaden Smith (@theaquaticstevezissou) on

    Willow Smith’s bridge is solid as well, with some really beautiful lyricism: “If my red eyes don’t see you anymore / And I can’t hear you through the white noise / Just enjoy how deep our love / To the blue ocean floor.” Leaving behind her “Whip My Hair” persona, Willow Smith’s grown up into a beautiful, creative fashion icon.

    To Jaden Smith’s haters’ dismay, it’s almost impossible to poke fun at any of the lines in “Blue Ocean,” except for one (my favorite): “You’re the orange juice to my pulp.” Personally, I wish my own man would use more Jaden-style compliments. But what exactly is orange juice to pulp? The pulp enhances the juice, but the juice can exist without it. Perhaps this is what Jaden Smith’s saying — that a girl broke his heart, but she’s doing fine without him, maybe not even conscious of the pain she put him in, yet his existence is haunted by hers. He can’t even exist without her; he “[stays] away from [her] / ’Cause everybody knows [he’s] a ghost.”

    Oh, Jaden. Perhaps the depth of your pain only resonates with the most enlightened among us.

    Love remains a strong theme throughout all of Jaden Smith’s art. And by art, I mostly mean his Twitter posts. @officialjaden is the source of daily mind-bending thoughts and truths, including, “Drake Is Tight.” You may see some typos and wonder about the interesting capitalization in other tweets such as, “I Don’t Want You Guys To Think Because I Was Born In America That I Speak And Abide By English Grammar. I Speak Jaden, Indefinitely.”

    You can laugh at Jaden Smith all you want. Point out he’s a spoiled child of celebrities and is just repeating philosophical nonsense he’s picked up from books. But right now, it’s his world. In the words of the boy himself, “Hate Me Love Me Doesn’t Matter I’m Still Occupying Time Inside Of Your Psyche.”


    Melanie Trecha is a guest columnist from KAMP Student Radio. Follow KAMP on Twitter.

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