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    Police Beat: Feb. 12

    Abandon vandalism — feed the homeless

    A UA custodial supervisor to the College of Medicine at 1501 N. Campbell Avenue called a University of Arizona Police Department officer about vandalism on Feb. 5 at 3:50 a.m.

    The supervisor told the officer that, for the past three to four weeks, unknown people have been throwing food on the walls and stairs of the northwest stairwell of the building.

    The man stated that, on Feb. 4 at 6 a.m., he saw that food had been thrown around on the roof of the building and, because of that, ventilation screens had to be replaced. He had not reported the vandalism earlier because he hoped it would simply stop.

    When the man arrived at work on Feb. 5 at 3:41 a.m., he noticed the vandalism had gotten worse.

    Butter and whipped cream had been spread all over the eighth floor stairs, pancake syrup was on the walls and mayonnaise packets had been smeared on the floor.

    On the seventh floor, Jell-O was all over the metal handrails, and two cans of Sprite and tea were thrown open on the floor of the sixth floor.

    The vandalism continued to the second floor, where there was a tomato thrown on the floor.

    The man told the officer that the containers looked the same as those sold in the University Medical Center cafeteria.

    Estimated damage costs were unknown, but the man said he would have the custodial project manager obtain estimates from Risk Management.

    The officer advised the man to contact UAPD about further vandalism. A victim’s rights form was given to UA Risk Management. There are no suspects or witnesses.

    A drunken woman with slippery wrists

    A UAPD officer responded to the Highland underpass at First Street and Highland Avenue on Saturday at 1 a.m. in reference to a woman lying on the ground.

    When the officer arrived at the underpass, he could see two women staggering down the street, carrying another woman.

    The officer asked them to stop and take a seat on the curb, but all three refused and continued walking.

    After the officer asked a second time, two of the women sat on the curb while the other one kept walking.

    The officer cut the woman off and escorted her to the side of the road to sit with the other woman. He could smell alcohol on all three of the women.

    While he was taking out his notepad to start his investigation, the woman who had to be escorted stood up and started running towards First Street.

    The officer was able to catch up with the woman on the south side of First Street and placed her in handcuffs and walked her back to the curb where the other women sat.

    After she sat down, the officer noticed she had been able to slip her hands through the cuffs.

    The handcuffs were put on again on the smallest setting, but she was still able to get them off, and, once again, she started running toward First Street.

    The officer ran after her again and was able to catch her between First Street and Second Street on Highland Avenue. She was forced onto the ground, and the handcuffs were secured until another officer could arrive to assist.

    The woman would not consent to a preliminary breath test, but a field sobriety test showed that she was under the influence.

    She was placed under arrest for minor in possession in body and resisting arrest.

    One of the other women sitting on the curb was also cited for minor in possession.

    Marijuana machine shop

    A UAPD officer arrived to the Pueblo de la Cienga Residence Hall on Monday at 12:34 a.m. in reference to the smell of marijuana on one of the floors.

    The officer knocked on the door of the room in which the odor was the strongest, and, when a student opened the door for the officer, the smell became stronger.

    The student was asked to step outside his room, and the officer could see a silver grinder on the desk on the right side of the room.

    After the grinder was found, the student allowed the officer to search his side of the room and showed the officer where the marijuana and paraphernalia were.

    The student gave the officer a black bong which was on a shelf in his closet, another small silver grinder, a multi-colored pipe and the large grinder that had been on his desk. He also gave the officer bag of marijuana, which weighed 4.8 grams, and admitted that all the marijuana and paraphernalia was his.

    Also in the room were many of beer cans and bottles. The man said that he and his roommate had shared the beer.

    The officer cited the man for two counts of possession of drug paraphernalia and one count of possession of marijuana. He was cited and released on scene.

    The bong, pipe, a roller, a lighter, the bag of marijuana and the two grinders were placed into UAPD property as evidence.

    A Dean of Students referral was also completed for the student.

    Thor’s hammer: A mysteriously shattered window

    A UAPD officer responded to the Coconino Residence Hall on Feb. 5 at 2:27 reference to a broken window in one of the dorm rooms.

    The officer met with a resident assistant, who said that a window was broken from the outside when both residents were in the room. Neither were hurt.

    The residents of the room told the officer that both of them were in their room watching television and doing homework when they could several windows being tapped on from the outside.

    At about 2 a.m., their window was smashed, and the glass landed all over one woman’s bed.

    The officer conducted a search of the room and the area outside room but nothing was found that could have broken the window.

    Residence Life maintenance was called to perform a temporary fix of the window, and Residence Life custodian arrived to help clean up the glass.

    Hourly checks were performed outside the residence hall for the rest of the night.

    There are no suspects.


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