“Cultural, spiritual centers offer support for students”

Seen here amid the backdrop of university buildings is the Islamic Center of Tucson.

Seen here amid the backdrop of university buildings is the Islamic Center of Tucson.

Jennifer Tramm

Being away from home can be scary, at first.

But with 10 religious and cultural centers associated with the UA, those looking to get in touch with others who share the same culture or faith have many options on campus.


MASS, or Multicultural Affars & Student Success, hosts the four cultural centers listed below. They also provide information and programs to everyone on campus.

Web site: http://mass.arizona.edu/index.html

African American Student Affairs

Location: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Building, Room 209, 1322 E. 1st St.

Phone: 621-3419

Web site: http://dmps.arizona.edu/aasa/

Offers: Academic support, cultural explorations, and student leadership development.

Associations: two associations/clubs, two sororities and two fraternities

Asian/Pacific-American Student Affairs

Location: Nugent building, Room 104, 1212 E. University Blvd.

Phone: 621-3481

Web site: http://dmps.arizona.edu/apasa/

Offers: Workshops, mentoring program, literature, hands-on activities, administrative liaison, free tutoring help, advising, information center, networking opportunities, library, study lounge and conference areas, and a “”sense of belonging and community.””

Associations: six associations/clubs and two sororities

Chicano/Hispano Student Affairs

Location: CǸsar E. Chávez building, Room 217, 1110 E. James E. Rogers Way

Phone: 621-5627

Web site: http://chsa.web.arizona.edu/

Offers: Tutoring, counseling, scholarship listings and more.

Associations: five associations/clubs, three sororities and three fraternities.

Native American Student Affairs

Location: Nugent building, Room 202, 1212 E. University Blvd.

Phone: 621-3835

Web site: http://nasa.web.arizona.edu/

Offers: Tutoring services, scholarship/internship/grant listings, Indians into Medicine Program, First-Year Scholars Program, the American Indian Graduate Center, related cultural associations/clubs and frequent activities.

Associations: 11 associations/clubs, one sorority and one fraternity.

Baha’i Faith

Location: 531 N. Fourth Ave.

Phone: 623-4090

Web site: http://www.tucsonbahai.com/

Offers: Religious information, services, online library and Baha’i world news online.

Buddhist Fellowship

Location: Ada Pierce McCormick building, chapel, 1401 E. First St.

E-mail: pintor753@aol.com

Campus Christian Center

Location: 715 N. Park Ave.

Phone: 623-7575

Offers: Multi-denominational ministries.

Campus Crusade for Christ

Web site: http://www.uacrusade.com

E-mail: david.jenkins@uscm.org

Offers: Listings of local Christian churches, Bible study and activities.

Christian Challenge

Location: 901 N. Tyndall Ave.

Phone: 624-4236

Web site: http://christianchallengeuofa.com/

Offers: (from Web site) “”Day trips to an orphanage in Naco, Mexico, summer mission trips within the U.S., and international mission projects.”” Has weekly Bible study and worship services. Also distributes food and clothing to the Tucson community and the Naco and Agua Prieta, Mexico, communities.

Episcopal Campus Ministry

Location: Campus Christian Center, 715 N. Park Ave.

Phone: 623-7576

Web site: http://ua-canterbury.org/index.shtml

Offers: Religious services, Bible study, socializing, online blog from the minister, freshman orientation and a newsletter.

Hillel (Jewish students)

Location: 1245 E. 2nd St.

Phone: 624-6561

Web site: http://www.uahillel.org

Offers: Religious classes, student groups, frequent activities, an e-newsletter, the Oy Vey CafǸ kosher restaurant, Shabbat and holiday services, and scholarship resources.

Associations: one Greek association and 14 clubs.

Islamic Center of Tucson

Location: 901 E. First St.

Phone: 624-3233

Web site: http://ictucson.com/

Offers: Religious information, classes, services, e-newsletter, daily prayer times and the annual Fast-a-Thon food bank fundraiser.

Associations: one club

Little Chapel of All Nations

Location: 1052 N. Highland Ave.

Phone: 623-1692

Offers: Open space for prayer, meditation, study and rest.

Lutheran Campus Ministry (Evangelical)

Location: Campus Christian Center, 715 N. Park Ave.

Phone: 623-7575

Web site: http://clubs.asua.arizona.edu/~lcm/

Offers: Religious services, Bible study and activities.

Presbyterian Campus Ministry

Location: Campus Christian Center, 715 N. Park Ave.

Phone: 623-7575

Web site: http://web.mac.com/pcmarizona/iWeb/PCM/Welcome.html

Offers: Religious services, Bible study, service projects, activities, counseling, online blog and podcasts.

St. Thomas More Catholic Newman Center

Location: 1615 E. Second St.

Phone: 327-6662

Web site: http://newman.web.arizona.edu/index.html

Offers: Bible study, religious information, services, retreats, weekly bulletin, library and volunteer opportunities.

Tucson Institute of Religion (LDS)

Location: 1333 E. Second St.

Phone: 623-4204

Web site: http://www.lds.org/institutes/home/0,8473,768-1-36-60047,00.html

Offers: Religious classes, activities hotline, housing board and e-mail announcements.

Unitarian Universalist Congregation

Location: 3601 W. Cromwell Drive

Phone: 579-7094

Web site: http://www.uucnwt.org/

Offers: Religious services, education, social action committee, newsletter and childcare.

Wesley United Methodist Campus Ministry

Location: Campus Christian Center, 715 N. Park Ave.

Phone: 623-7575

Web site: http://www.uofawesley.com/

Offers: Religious services, activities, online chat board and Bible study.

There are many cultural and religious clubs for students on campus. Some are simply social and others are specific to major or interest. Find them through the Associated Students of the University of Arizona Web site at http://web.asua.arizona.edu/~asua/textmenu.htm or the Cultural and Religious Centers list at http://www.arizona.edu/students/cultural.php.