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    Police Beat

    Man cited for public drinking

    A man was cited and released for drinking in public last Friday at 11:42 p.m.

    While an officer was conducting a security check of the Highland Avenue Parking Garage, he observed a man skateboarding and drinking from a brown bottle. When the man saw the officer’s vehicle, he jumped off the skateboard and put two brown bottles behind a pillar.

    The officer made contact with the man and identified him through an Arizona driver’s license. When the officer looked behind the pillar, he found one open and one closed 12-ounce bottles of Coors Lite beer.

    The officer noticed that the man smelled of intoxicants and had bloodshot, watery eyes.

    The man was cited and released for drinking in public and referred to the Dean of Student’s Office.

    3 men cited for use, possession of marijuana

    Three men were cited for marijuana use in the Kaibab-Huachuca Residence Hall last Friday at 11:18 p.m.

    A resident assistant called police after smelling marijuana in the halls. Upon arrival, police contacted the RA, who was standing outside the main entrance to the residence hall with three men.

    The woman told police that while she was conducting rounds, she smelled burning marijuana coming from the men’s room. She said that after she called the University of Arizona Police Department, the men left the room. She followed the three outside the dorm and struck up a conversation, hoping they would remain until UAPD arrived.

    The officer asked the men if they could return to the room with him so they could speak in private. The men agreed. Once in the room, the officer asked which of the men lived in the room. The man who answered gave the officer permission to enter the room.

    Upon entering, the officer noticed a fan blowing air outside. The officer also noted that the air smelled heavily of fabric softener and air freshener. There was also a faint smell of burnt marijuana.

    The officer told the men he could smell marijuana and asked if they would give him what they had. The man who was the resident of the room told the officer, “”There’s really nothing left, just stems.””

    The officer told the man that he would take the stems. The man walked to his desk drawer and took out two plastic pill bottles containing marijuana stems. The officer asked the man if he had been smoking marijuana, and he said yes. The officer asked the other two men if they had been smoking, and they replied, “”Yes, sir.””

    The three men were cited and released for use and possession of marijuana and referred to the Dean of Student’s Office.

    Police respond to smell of marijuana in Coconino

    Two men were referred to the Dean of Student’s Office last Friday after police responded to a call in the Coconino Residence Hall regarding the smell of marijuana at 5:15 p.m.

    Police reported to the scene and went to the room where the smell was coming from. The door was open and two men were entering the room from the bathroom across the hall. The men saw the police coming and quickly shut the door. Both men had just come from the shower and had only towels wrapped around them.

    An officer knocked on the door, and one of the men answered. The officer asked if he was the resident of the room, and the man said no. The officer asked that the other man come to the door. The officer asked the man if the officers could come in and talk to them. He said yes. The men were told to put on some clothes while officers waited outside.

    After the men were dressed, the officers entered the room to speak with them. The officers said they were there because of the odor of marijuana. The men said there was “”stuff”” in the room and gave paraphernalia to officers. The men were not cited.

    Man says it’s ‘stupid’ to pay for items at bookstore

    A man was taken to the Pima County Jail after shoplifting $63.37-worth of markers and notebooks at the UofA Bookstore last Friday at 11:50 a.m.

    Police were called to the bookstore and spoke to a security officer who said a man walked around the store acting suspicious. The man was looking at markers and notebooks in the art section. The security guards then saw the man bend down and place the items into his brown leather bag. The man continued to walk around the store before leaving. He was approached by security outside and taken to a conference room to wait for police.

    The man told officers that he came to the UA with his girlfriend, who is a student. He said that while she was in class, he went to the bookstore to look at books to buy. When he looked around he saw markers and notepads that he wanted. He said he thought it was “”stupid”” to pay for markers. He told officers he intended to steal the markers and notebooks. When he left the bookstore, he tried to run from security because he was scared and knew they had caught him, he said.

    After running the man’s information, police discovered he had a warrant out for his arrest from the Tucson City Police for shoplifting. The man was arrested and taken to Pima County Jail for his warrant and shoplifting charges. The man was told he was not allowed in any UofA Bookstore.

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