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    On the spot

    We caught up with Gentle Ben’s employee Julie McDonald, a music education senior, on East University Boulevard.

    Wildcat: You’re on the spot. If you had to never drink alcohol again, or never eat pork, which one would you chose?

    McDonald: Well, I already don’t eat pork, so I’d choose that one.

    W: Are you a vegetarian?

    M: I don’t eat beef or pork.

    W: If you had any celebrity as your drinking buddy, living or dead, who would it be?

    M: Jesus Christ.

    W: Do you think he’d be a good drinker?

    M: He likes wine.

    W: Someone told me, this is a conspiracy theory, but they thought the Last Supper was a drinking binge. And then when he said that wine was his blood, they said it was just because he drank a lot. I don’t really understand. It’s kinda stupid.

    M: Those who know the Bible can understand (that’s not true), so, I’d just sit and have a drink with Jesus and talk with him awhile.

    W: What bar would you go to?

    M: I don’t know. It depends on the day.

    W: I think he would like the Auld Dubliner.

    M: He might. He might like it.

    W: Is there a food you like to eat when you’re hung over?

    M: No, I try not to get hangovers.

    W: Do you drink a lot of water?

    M: Yes. A lot.

    W: Some people drink Powerade. I don’t really understand it because it dehydrates you more.

    M: It replaces electrolytes. That’s why people who exercise a lot and sweat a lot drink it. So actually, you’re supposed to drink Powerade, Pedialyte, stuff like that.

    W: Pedialyte, isn’t that like a baby thing? Doesn’t that taste gross?

    M: No, it’s good. It tastes like juice.

    W: If you had to throw up any drink, what would it be?

    M: Anything strawberry. Some girly drink.

    W: I threw up water once. And that was actually alright ’cause it didn’t have a taste. But then later that day I threw up next to a Buddhist monk on an airplane. It was a really horrible situation.

    M: (Silence.)

    – Andi Berlin

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