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    Two psychics try conjuring spirits in historic landmark

    Rebecca Marie Sansett

    A crystal ball on Aug. 28 at Celestial Rites Wiccan Shoppe.

    According to legend, the Hidden Room of Congress, spared by a fire in 1934, is now a source of mystical presences. It’s the perfect place for self-proclaimed experts, such as Kenneth Macabre and Miss Malanga, to summon spirits.

    Feeling an affinity for the spirits since the age of 6, from having contacted the ghost of a relative, Macabre said he’s an expert in the intricacies of the extraordinary.

    His expertise in spiritual contact is maintained in the use of Konxari cards, similar to tarot cards, but much more specific.An ancient practice, Konxari contain 88 cards used for anything from seances to ghost hunting to making brief spiritual communication.

    Konaxari cards allow the user to depict details of a spiritual conversation using words such as “death,” “drowning” or “suffering” to deduce spirits’ ambitions or intents.

    “Spirits are a faint reminiscence of those who have passed,” Macabre said, “like a battery whose energy can be tapped into.” The month of October is ideal for channeling the spirits, Macabre said, and most spirits can be considered friendly.

    Since joining mystical forces with his partner Miss Malanga, the pair have performed 12 shows together. The duo recently tried conjuring the spirits of the Hidden Room in Hotel Congress on Thursday night.

    The Hidden Room was left curiously unscathed after a fire destroyed the staircase and third floor of the hotel. The fire led to the capture of notorious criminal John Dillinger, a bank robber captured during the ensuing panic, whose vengeful spirit is perhaps still trapped between the hotel’s floorboards.

    Violent spirits, which occur less frequently, attempt to latch onto the channeler and must be dispelled quickly before their negative energy threatens the psychic.

    Miss Malanga is a medium who focuses on summoning through auto-writing, a psychic ability that allows those who possess its power to transcribe the thoughts of ghosts and spirits.

    Auto-writing is said to be a subconscious intuition of auras. The user may feel a sensation or inclination guiding them toward the meaning of a spirit’s existence.

    Macabre said each channeling is unique, and capturing the attention of different presences makes for a novel experience each time one delves into the mystical realm.


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