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    “On the spot: Parker Janecek, Musical theatre freshman”

    What is your favorite song right now?

    My favorite song right now? Let’s think … Oh, the literal version of “”Total Eclipse of the Heart.””

    The literal version?


    That’s where someone takes the music video and changes the lyrics to fit the images, right?

    Oh, yes.

    So, this is stuff that you’re finding on YouTube?

    Yeah. That’s my main source.

    Would you ever make a literal version of a song?

    Why not?

    What song would you choose?

    What song? What song? “”Greensleeves.”” Oh, wait. That’s not a music video. “”Video Killed the Radio Star.””

    That’s the one you’re going to do?


    Now, “”Total Eclipse of the Heart,”” that’s a pretty intense song. Do you get down and groove whenever you hear it?

    I do.

    What’s it like when you groove? I want you to explain it in words.

    My groove is, um … I guess it can only be described as fiery. And there’s definitely passion behind it.

    Do you wear a special outfit when you groove?

    I dress up in my all-blacks. It really sets the mood.

    Do you make sure that you wear all cotton for easier mobility?

    Yeah, because cotton breathes really well.

    All right. If you were a famous musician, what kind of music would you make?

    Michael Bublé. (Laughs) Yeah, Michael Bublé, Frank Sinatra, yeah.

    Would you dress like them and everything?

    Most definitely.

    No spandex?

    Well, no. It would be underneath it.

    So, like halfway through the show, you’d just rip off your suit to reveal the spandex?

    I would show glimpses of it.

    That is fiery. So, if you want to use a name other than your own as your stage name, what name would you go by?

    Leather … um … Leather Rings.

    That’s kind of kinky.

    —Katie Gault


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