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    Before you graduate, cross these items off your college bucket list


    At some point, we’ll all have to graduate and move on. To get the most out of your college experience, make sure you cross these items off your college bucket list before you say goodbye to the UA.

    Jumping in Old Main Fountain:
    The fact that we’re not supposed to do it makes it all the more enticing.

    If you’re planning to take the plunge, here are a few words of advice: Make sure you don’t accidentally damage anything, and if you’re going in winter, remember to bring plenty of towels and warm clothes for afterward.

    Oh, and if you can get your friends to dress up in tacky swimwear with you, it’ll be all the more hilarious and memorable.

    Sex in the library:
    If you haven’t done the deed in the UA Main Library, you’ve at least thought about it. Five floors, rows and rows of books to get lost in and the thrill of getting caught — what could be more exciting?

    Plus, at what other time in your life will it be not only (relatively) acceptable, but also kind of awesome to do it in a library? Grab your significant other and cross this off your bucket list.

    Ghost hunting:
    Even if you don’t believe in the headless ghost of Carlos Maldenado in Old Main or the sobbing bride in Maricopa Residence Hall, ghost hunting on campus can still be a blast.

    While this activity may sometimes teeter on the border of breaking and entering, in the end, it’s worth it for the stories you’ll have to tell.

    Compile a list of buildings to investigate and commit to it. Bear Down Gymnasium supposedly holds the spirit of John “Button” Byrd Salmon. Custodians and night owls have also witnessed both a male and female ghost residing in Centennial Hall. With a little liquor on your breath, you’re guaranteed to walk away from ghost hunting with some supernatural stories.

    Something Sweet sugar OD challenge:
    Something Sweet dessert lounge joined the food challenge craze in 2009 and has been giving patrons bellyaches ever since.

    If you complete the challenge you get a free T-shirt, your picture on Something Sweet’s wall of fame and $45. But what exactly is this challenge? In under 30 minutes, you must consume four slices of cheesecake topped with four thick brownies, four scoops of vanilla ice cream, and a mountain of whipped cream and chocolate sauce complete with cherries.  

    Though the challenge has been accepted by many, only four have been victorious. Now’s your chance to become number five.

    Frog & Firkin beer card:
    Frog & Firkin’s beer card is the quintessential bucket list item for beer connoisseurs. The restaurant keeps the card so you won’t forget it when you come in, and for each new beer you try, you receive a stamp. After 50 stamps, you earn a champion beer T-shirt — because you can never have too many shirts displaying your alcoholism.

    After 75 stamps, you get a mug to make drinking beer morning-friendly. If you try all 86 beers, you get official bragging rights with a plaque and a picture of yourself on the restaurant wall so everyone can see your growing beer gut.

    Watch the sunset from Gould-Simpson building:
    Who says a bucket list needs to be wild and crazy? Sometimes all you need is a dose of that inimitable Tucson sunset. As the tallest building on campus, the Gould-Simpson building is the perfect place to reaffirm your existence. The glass windows that line the walls of Gould-Simpson’s highest floor make it the perfect spot to see the sun fall behind the mountains.

    Whether you’re bored on campus, stressed with senior seminars or planning a date with your special someone, head over to Gould-Simpson to witness the one natural phenomenon Tucson is actually justified in bragging about.

    Laser light show at Flandrau:
    It would be a shame to graduate without seeing the ballsiest trip show this campus legally supports. The laser light show at Flandrau Planetarium provides all the visual captivation of a rave in the comfort of an auditorium with seats.

    Watching refracted light beams to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon for an hour will take you to the dark side and back. Alone or with friends, this psychedelic trip is well worth taking.

    Shotgun a beer in the library:
    When the going gets tough, the tough drink in the library. It’ll be midterm season soon, and finals will be here not long after that. Spending long, torturous hours in the library is no easy task, and what better way to break the stress than by shotgunning 12 ounces of your favorite brew?

    Smuggle a six-pack in your backpack, and be sure to shotgun over a surface that’s easy to clean. Don’t be the asshole to soak the carpet with beer, and take your empty cans with you.

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