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    Get the most out of your Dead Day Eve with this game plan

    Kyle Wasson
    Kyle Wasson / Arizona Daily Wildcat Gentle Ben’s, one of many University Blvd. establishments, offers multiple levels of alcohol-induced fun at a student friendly price.

    The end of the semester is here, and depending on your major, you’re either floating by on finished term projects or dreading the five finals you have to take. No matter what your stress level is, Dead Day Eve is arguably one of the biggest party nights of the entire semester.

    Between the impending academic doom and copious amounts of alcohol, everyone’s bound to make some questionable decisions and loosen up a bit.

    Where you do it, however, is the real question. From your pregame to your drunk munchies spot, we have you covered.

    The pregame: Fuku Sushi

    Pros: For only $5, Fuku is sure to get you nice and liquored up with its sake bombs. Because Dead Day is in the middle of the week, you can take advantage of Fuku’s reverse happy hour that runs from 9 p.m. until closing, making it the perfect location for your University Boulevard pregame.

    After all, there’s nothing like slamming your fists on a table and screaming “sake bomb.”

    Cons: It’s Fuku: The sushi isn’t the best around, but then again, you’re not really there to eat. If you must, grab a bowl of edamame and chomp on that — the saltiness of the soybeans is a nice foil to the rice wine and Sapporo beer.

    If you need some real sustenance, grab a “Fuku in Vegas” roll for some tempura-battered-and-fried goodness, or get daring with the super spicy Wildcat roll — just don’t blame us if it comes back up later on in your night.

    The party: Gentle Ben’s

    Pros: One dollar drinks: It almost doesn’t matter what they are because they’re a dollar apiece from 8 to 10 p.m.

    Get your sake bomb on at Fuku, then stumble across the street to Gentle Ben’s to reap the benefits of such a deal.

    Three dollar vodka drinks and Long Islands from 10 p.m. to midnight are sure to keep you on the dance floors.

    Cons: Everyone you know and their entire social group will likely be here, which is either a good or bad thing, depending on what you’re looking for.

    If you’re looking to get really wild, then Ben’s is definitely for you — but expect a totally packed house no matter which floor you’re on.

    The late-night snack spot: Mama’s Hawaiian Barbecue
    Pros: Mama’s is a great alternative to your typical Mexican food or pizza run at 2 in the morning. From spam and eggs to mahi-mahi, the Hawaiian restaurant, located on Speedway Boulevard just west of Park Avenue, is likely a healthier choice as well — though that can be ruined with a dessert like guava cake.

    If you’re far too drunk to move from your bed, bench or gutter, Mama’s also delivers, satisfying your inebriated cravings until 3 a.m. Be sure to order a Kona coffee with your meal, and save it for your hungover self tomorrow.

    Cons: You lose the fun, social aspect of running into your friends at Taco Shop, and you may not be able to satiate that desire for greasy carne asada, but your body and stomach will thank you in the morning.

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