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    Adderall greater danger to students than Daily Wildcat article indicated

    I am responding to the Dec. 5 article “”Students bust stress at Rec Center Relaxation event,”” which touches on the topic of using the drug Adderall without a prescription. With finals coming up at the UA, many individuals are turning to this stimulant to enhance their studying abilities. The majority of these students do not know the consequences of abusing Adderall, chemically similar to methamphetamines.

    The consequences of Adderall abuse can be very dangerous. Taking high doses of a stimulant can cause an irregular heartbeat, high body temperatures and possible cardiovascular failure or seizures. Taking high doses of some stimulants repeatedly over a short period of time can lead individuals to become hostile and feel paranoid.

    Ultimately it is the individual’s choice whether to use Adderall as a studying tool, but it is the user’s responsibility to know the consequences for their actions. One night of popping Adderall for an early morning exam could possibly lead to your last night here on Earth.

    Julia Bachis
    pre-communications freshman

    Some students’ footwear, skirts for season baffling

    To the girls who wear miniskirts with Uggs: First, I must admit this is a very complicated issue. For one, we are in Arizona and during the summer I can see your reasoning for a skirt. I have never worn a skirt due to the lack of coverage, nor have I worn Uggs, for the lack of arch support plus a day of walking render my feet hurting. However, I imagine when it heats up outside the extra breeze feels nice, and when the temperature plummets those 20 degrees, the copious fur feels pleasant.

    Conversely, this display of fashion versatility is still out of place. If a moderate temperature is truly your concern, what purpose do Inuit-esque boots serve in the height of summer? Or miniskirts in the winter? Okay, so it dropped maybe 30 degrees from the start of the semester. It’s freakin’ cold in the morning.

    But when you realize the state that the weather is in, how can it cross your synapses to couple short skirts and Uggs? Apart from the obvious absence of logic present, it makes you look like you had no idea what you pulled from your closet to don for the day. In short, it looks like you got dressed in a black box. Is this true?

    Your choice of fashion is clearly not geared toward the climate in which you have decided to live. But hey, if it should snow you will be ready with your Eskimo boots; and when they sun comes out, you’ll be ready for that, too.

    So maybe it is me who is looking at this from the wrong angle, and I should be commending you and your multipurpose garments. I await your responses.

    Zachary York

    creative writing sophomore

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