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    Hey Barkeep: Meet Alex Cifelli and TJ Lippincott from Hi Fi

    Alex Guyton
    Alex Guyton / The Daily Wildcat Alex Cifelli, bartender, poses on top of TJ Lippincott’s, assistant bar manager, shoulders in front of a wall of speakers at Hi Fi- Kitchen & Cocktails Tucson on Wednesday, Aug. 10, 2014.

    What is your favorite drink to make?

    TJ: There’s this drink I really like to make, but it kind of has a bad name.

    Alex: Mine, too. We’ve run like “double-sided dildos” and all that fun stuff.

    TJ: I really like to make a “Tastes Like Pussy.”

    Alex: That’s what I was going to say! I like making white gummy bears; those are fun. … “Tastes like pussy” is a lot more fun, though. That’s probably my shot of choice.

    On the flip side, least favorite drink to make?

    TJ: Definitely a mojito, or anything that involves muddling.

    Alex: Yeah, I was going to say an Old Fashioned.

    TJ: Anything that takes a lot of time, especially when we’re really busy.

    Weirdest, strangest thing you’ve seen go down at the bar?

    TJ: I did have a girl make out with my hand one time. That was pretty interesting.

    Alex: Oooh.

    TJ: She just grabbed it, introduced herself, then just started kissing it and holding on to it.

    Most memorable customer?

    TJ: I had this guy that just kept ordering Kansas City Ice Waters and would tip me $5 on each one, so that was pretty cool.

    Alex: This customer gave Sylvia $100 for giving him a piece of gum.

    TJ: Oh, you know what? The guy that made it rain last weekend.

    Alex: Yeah, for sure.

    TJ: Grabbed a wad of ones and just threw it at us.

    Alex: Hundreds.

    Is Hi Fi known for any specialties?

    Alex: I’d definitely say the milkshakes.

    TJ: We have our list, and then we have a specialty one every month.

    What’s September’s?

    TJ: September’s is a caramel kiss. It’s pretty good.

    Alex: It’s really good.

    What’s in that?

    TJ: You’ve got Kahlua, Smirnoff [Kissed] Caramel, vodka, Heath chips, a little bit of caramel in it, and then our low-fat vanilla soft serve.

    What is something a customer can do to piss you off?

    TJ: Whistle.

    Alex: I think when I’m asking for payment and they don’t want to give it to me.

    TJ: Or they forget that they have to pay.

    Alex: Or when they give me ATM cards and then walk away.

    Something that a customer does that makes your job easier?

    Alex: Have their money ready, know what they want to order — same for you?

    TJ: Yeah, I’d probably say that. I mean, tipping well is always nice, too.

    Alex: For sure.

    —Follow Alex Guyton @GuyTonAlexAnder

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