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    A Decent Amount of ‘Chuck’-les

    If the “”sex sells”” theory has any basis in truth, then it’s quite possible that “”Good Luck Chuck”” will gross billions of dollars this weekend.

    First of all, there’s the plot: Charlie
    Logan (Dane Cook) refuses to kiss a gothic girl during a childhood game of Spin the Bottle. Angry and hurt, the girl hexes Charlie (also known as Chuck), dooming him to a loveless life: Every girl Charlie sleeps with will soon after break it off with him and then almost immediately meet the man of her dreams.

    After many years of this, word gets around about Charlie, the good luck charm, and he’s getting laid left and right, side to side and even upside down. And, due to the magic of R-rated movies, all of these sex scenes are shown on screen.

    Secondly, there is the presence of Jessica Alba in the cast, showing that she doesn’t need to be dancing in a sequined bikini or wearing a Spandex spacesuit to be sexy. She’s so overwhelmingly gorgeous that simply looking at her can cause bananas to miraculously appear in guys’ pockets.

    And last, but not least, is the electrifying chemistry between Cook and Alba, making everything look so genuine that you almost wonder if they’re really acting at all. The two not only look good together but they also act completely at ease with each other, without the usual awkwardness that is present among actors in romantic comedies.

    Sexiness aside, “”Good Luck Chuck”” is, above all else, a romantic comedy. But, for the first time in a while, it actually fulfills both requirements of the genre: it is romantic and comedic.

    Most romantic comedies have their funny moments, but the films are more about the love story between the characters: They meet, like each other, go on a few dates, gradually fall in love and then there’s a bet or someone lies, and it looks like everything is going to hell. But of course at the end the boy and girl get together, with their love story culminating in a perfect Hollywood kiss.


    The interesting thing about “”Good Luck Chuck”” is that the very well-known-for-being-hilarious Cook provides maybe 25 percent of the laughs. The rest of the humor comes from Alba herself, whose character, Cam, is extremely clumsy; Charlie’s best friend, Stu (Dan Fogler, of recent “”Balls of Fury”” fame), a plastic surgeon with a borderline unhealthy mammary obsession; and Cam’s stoner brother, Joe (Lonny Ross), who gets wisdom from the philosophy books he uses as rolling papers.

    “”Good Luck Chuck”” is probably the first romantic comedy I’ve seen that had me laughing more than saying “”Aww!”” Also, because of the film’s crude nature, the constant humor and the obvious aforementioned presence of Alba, it’s a romantic comedy that guys can take their girlfriends to without wanting to kill themselves before the movie is over.

    At the same time, the girls will like it because of the cutesy story and the presence of the not-quite-as-good-looking- but-still-pretty-hot Cook.

    Overall, “”Good Luck Chuck”” is definitely one of the funniest romantic comedies I’ve ever seen. But, then again, it is still a romantic comedy, and therefore carries with it all the clichés that we’ve come to expect from such films.

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