BODIES exhibit caters to your smallest friends and siblings

Charles Zoll

With another gig as babysitter for the weekend, what better place than the BODIES Exhibition to tire those kids out and show them how their own bodies work? Now in its final weeks in Tucson, the BODIES Exhibition showcases its array of polymer-preserved human body specimens during its special Funday Monday event this Labor Day. A tour inside the well-lit Rialto Building reveals exposed musculatures of intense athletes and the detailed display of all things human. Buy one adult ticket at regular price and bring along your adventurous little sister or cousin for free on Monday, Sept. 6. The day will be jam-packed with an activity station featuring a scavenger hunt specially designed for children ages 3-12, along with access to the full exhibit. “”The way the displays are set up showcases the body in an interesting way, versus just seeing a heart, for instance,”” says Kelly Lovell-Taylor, Tucson media contact for the BODIES Exhibition, “”It could be just science, but we wanted to give a new perspective to such a familiar thing.””