“On the Spot: Michael Pilgreen, Arizona Commons”

Arizona Daily Wildcat

Why are you Gene Simmons today?

Cuz’ Arizona rocks! We are promoting, trying to get people to come.

Favorite Gene Simmons song?

“”I Wanna’ Rock n’ Roll All Night.””

What is something you do when nobody is looking?

Sometimes I’m on Facebook at work.

How would you feel if Gene Simmons ran for presidential office?

I would vote, hell yeah. He’d rock this country out.

Who would you want in office, if anyone?

Gene Simmons! He’s my guy, man, come on.

Do you believe that Jay-Z is a devil worshipper? Have you heard that rumor?

I would think more Kanye West. What he did to Taylor, that was messed up, very rude. I’m from the stuff so I can’t stand rudeness. Rudeness … me and you are not going to be friends.

Do you think that people are generally too uptight these days?

Yes, very much so. They need to be more laid back, relaxed, take life as it comes, live every day as a gift so …

Like Gene?

Like Gene! Every day is a gift; laid back, don’t worry the stress of every single thing. People stress way too much these days, it’s like something’s in the air. Things have changed in the past 20 years.