Candidate platforms for contested offices in ASUA

Student Body President Candidates

Montana Erickson

Public management and policy senior

ASUA Senator

? Budgeting for students: increasing impact of student government on all
students, programs should be expanded

? Empowering minority voice: give minorities opportunity to voice concerns and
actively participate in student government and other facets of campus

? Child care on campus: establish child-care services and provide safe and
welcoming environment for students

For more information, e-mail

Erin Hertzog

Journalism junior

Executive vice president, currently acting president

? Student life: bring back stadium concerts and Friday evening
pre-football-game pep rallies on East University Boulevard ? Student voice:
increase civic engagement through debates and campus polling stations, hold
student forums to find “”student pulse”” ? Student issues: Increase class
availability, use online pre-registration to determine class demand ? More
information at

Matt Van Horn

Senior majoring in entrepreneurship and marketing

Appropriations board director

? Rejuvenate ASUA: increase efficiency and respectability ? Curb retention:
increase graduation rates, work with freshmen at orientation to encourage
involvement ? Basketball ticket distribution reform: implement new ticketing
system, use models from other top basketball schools for more fair distribution
? More information at

Executive Vice President Candidates

Patrick Cook

Education junior

ASUA Senator

? Club funding grants: collect grants from businesses to redistribute to clubs
? ASUA marketing liaisons: assign a marketing liaison to help clubs design a
logo, advertise or create a Web site ? Club reception to meet incoming
president Robert Shelton: hold a campus-wide forum and invite club presidents
to meet and express concerns to new UA president ? For more information, e-mail

Michelle Gregory

Junior majoring in political science and history

ASUA club advocate

? Club funding: more guidelines for allocation of club money to allow funds to
last longer ? Endowment: work on endowment to increase funds available for
clubs ? Create more constituency channels: move councils to jurisdiction of
club advocates, who are better equipped to help clubs ? More information at

David Reece

History sophomore

Chief of staff to executive vice president

? Defense of student and club rights: combat unnecessary fees and mandatory
meal plan ? Resource efficiency: reform structure of ASUA financial system and
increase budget efficiency ? Club funding: work with the senate and executive
to make at least $150,000 available for clubs ? For more information, e-mail

Rhonda Tubbs

Junior majoring in finance and economics

ASUA senator

? Club endowments: set up endowment through UA Foundation, increase funding
available to clubs. ? Security liaison: create senate position to give students
a voice for their security concerns, work with UAPD. ? Textbook discount
program: program allowing students to work at the UofA Bookstore and receive
pay or textbook discounts ? More information at

Administrative Vice President Candidates

Jami Reinsch

Junior majoring in journalism and media arts

ASUA senator

? Revitalize programs and services: bring new ideas to existing programs,
establish scholarship program ? Wildcat World Fair: move to jurisdiction of
admin. VP, work with local community to enhance the fair ? Free legal
representation: allow students to receive representation in court for tenant
and landlord disputes and traffic violations ? More information at

Pita Salido

Senior majoring in political science, creative writing and Spanish

Class council director

? Expand outside resources: has researched 26 grants to strengthen existing
programs and services ? Increasing public relations: increase communication
within ASUA, the media and the campus ? “”What is ASUA”” program: target freshmen
and inform them about ASUA programs and how they can get involved ? For more
information, e-mail


Dietetics sophomore

Club advocate

? Reform ASUA’s administrative structure: increase structural and financial
efficiency of existing programs ? Consolidate and collaborate programs: merge
programs to instill greater student feedback ? Create campus security director:
create position to provide students with an addition security resource. ? For
more information, e-mail

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