“On the spot: Dana Raz, First-year medical student”

Ada Dieke

Are you in the mood for love?

(laughs) Always.

Do you have a Valentine’s Day boo?

I do. A very cute boo.

What advice do you have for the “”boo-less”” on Valentine’s Day?

For the boo-less, get together with your good friends and drink champagne.  Girlfriends, boyfriends­- could be a mix … whatever makes you feel good. (laughs) I guess that could be taken the wrong way.

It could be. So on an unrelated note, what are you going to do if it snows in Tucson?

Build a snowman.

It has snowed in Tucson in the past…

I know! I was here when it did.

Do you support public displays of affection?

A good hug and a handhold is good. A make-out is too much of a sight to see.

Who represents love to you?

My grandparents. They’ve been together for more than I can say.  

— Ada Dieke