New Tim Burton film features Abraham Lincoln, vampires

Alyssa DeMember

While sitting in the theater waiting for “The Hunger Games” to start, I witnessed the most fantastically ridiculous trailer I’ve seen in a long time. It began when a slender man of large stature with the token beard, chiseled chin and tall top hot appeared on the screen. It was evident that he was Abraham Lincoln. When the trailer began, it looked like this movie might be some interesting, slightly morbid take on our 16th president’s life. Or at least something that loosely follows documented history.

But then the trailer cut to scenes of Honest Abe wielding an axe like he attended some brute weapons combat school. The slow-motion shot of Abe with his axe, though borderline cheesy, looked edgy.

However, all this unraveled when the voiceover whispered: “Only the living can kill the dead.”

What the what?

A few more overly dramatic action scenes flashed across the screen. Everything was building up to the fade in of the title, wait for it, “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.” Everyone in the theater lost it and started laughing.

I have to say, I was definitely up for a movie about Lincoln, especially with a slightly darker spin. But with vampires? I couldn’t help but face-palm at the absurdity of the whole thing.

But what do you think? Does “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” sound way too entertaining to pass up, or has the vampire craze gone too far?

View the official trailer via YouTube: