PB&J; diversify their flavor

Peter, Bjorn and John

Peter, Bjorn and John

Steven Kwan

How can a pop-rock band avoid being written off as a one-hit wonder? Try not to make that same song again. And Swedish band Peter Bjorn and John does just that with their new album, Gimme Some, to some success.

Two of the best songs from the band’s 2006 breakout album Writer’s Block are the underrated “”Let’s Call It Off”” and the infectious “”Young Folks.”” Of course, everyone only remembers “”Young Folks,”” aka “”The Whistle Song””, because it showed up in seemingly every TV commercial, best-of lists and independent radio station’s playlist.

These songs featured crisp drums and bass that served as a sleek background to highlight the vocals. For Gimme Some, Peter Bjorn and John enlisted the aid of the producer Per Sunding to create a collection of songs that diverge from “”Young Folks.””

But that doesn’t mean Gimme Some is not as memorable. If anything, Peter Bjorn and John use vocal sounds and rhythm sections — their secret weapon — to banish any hope of hearing anything like a whistle in the chorus. “”Dig a Little Deeper”” opens with a drum breakdown and features “”oh-ohs”” and backup singing from the rest of the band. First single “”Second Chance”” utilizes cowbell and ghostly “”ooohs.”” “”Tomorrow Has to Wait”” kicks off the album with a booming militant beat.

Amid the fun, catchy melodies, the lyrics cover relationship screw-ups, regret and bittersweet love. In “”Breaker, Breaker”” Peter Morén sings, “”Before you break my heart / Before you start / I’m gonna to break your arm and concentration.”” With “”Lies,”” he laments, “”And I always did believe that you and me would always be, but now I ruined all.”” Morén sings his songs with passion, even straining his voice to hit the high notes.

Gimme Some has its moments of brilliance, but there is no one song that brings those moments together to stick with you throughout the day. In filling out most of their songs with sound, Peter Bjorn and John abandon what made “”Let’s Call It Off”” and “”Young Folks”” work. As it is, Gimme Some serves as a solid foundation and a breather for Peter Bjorn and John.