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    Police Beat: Jan. 27

    UA student cited, unable to workout

    A University of Arizona Police Department officer was driving west on Enke Drive on Saturday at 7:10 p.m. when he saw a man jumping a concrete wall on the northeast side of Arizona Stadium on 540 N. Vine Ave.

    The man was already on the other side of the wall when the officer met up to talk with him.

    The officer and the man were separated by a metal gate, which was locked.

    After hopping back to the same side of the gate as the officer, the man said he was at the stadium to workout.

    The man was identified as a UA student, and while the officer was checking his identification information the student was questioning the officer as to why he needed his information.

    While the officer was explaining that it is not okay to be inside facilities that are locked, the man said, “”Why aren’t you out looking for real criminals, there could be a girl getting raped right now.””

    The officer told the man that a Code of Conduct violation would be filed with the Dean of Students for review, and that he would need the man’s address and phone number to complete the report.

    The man asked the officer, “”Why do you need that, are you going to go to where I live, are you going to call me?””

    The report was finished and the officer advised the man to not go into locked areas. The man was released.

    Reported stabbing, shotgun requested

    A UAPD officer responded to a residence at 914 E. Drachman St., to assist the Tucson Police Department with a reported stabbing on Saturday at 6:25 p.m.

    The report stated there was a woman at the house who had stabbed a man.

    When both officers walked towards the front of the house, an unknown person closed the door and would not come out.

    The UAPD officer requested that another officer bring a shotgun to the scene. An additional officer arrived with the shotgun to assist TPD officers.

    A TPD officer noticed two people in the back of the house were cleaning one another off in the bathroom.

    The man in the house came out of the side door. At first he was uncooperative and shouted at the officers. The man was shirtless and had a two-inch cut, which was bleeding, on his right shoulder. He also had several cuts on his left forearm.

    The man was handcuffed and brought to the front of the house. The woman was also brought outside of the house.

    The house was cleared. Police discovered that a stabbing had not occurred.

    UAPD cleared the scene and TPD took over the case.

    Woman not able to sleep under truck

    Last Wednesday at 11:49 p.m., a UAPD bicycle officer was patrolling the Second Street Garage at 1340 E. Second St. when he noticed a woman lying under a truck in the lot.

    She was found sleeping under the truck and after being woken up, she crawled out from underneath.

    The officer recognized the woman because she had been arrested on last Monday for trespassing.

    The officer called the Pima County Jail after the woman gave him two different names.

    According to the officer she was hard to understand and stated that she needed money to buy a phone card to call her home in China.

    She then said she was a U.S. citizen and was on the UA property to meet a professor, but would not give the name of the professor.

    The officer told the woman she was not allowed to sleep in the parking garage. The officer attempted to find a shelter for the woman.

    The shelters the officer called were full, and the officer told the woman she could not stay in the garage, but that she could contact the Salvation Army for a place to stay.

    The woman refused to leave and would not take the name or address of the Salvation Army.

    After refusing to leave, the officer arrested the woman Thursday morning.

    The woman was transported to Pima County Jail and booked for trespassing. She was advised not to return to UA property unless it was for a legitimate purpose.

    The officer requested that detectives attempt to make contact with the Chinese Consulate to find more information on the woman.

    Assault by orange?

    A UAPD officer arrived at the Chi Omega sorority house at 1420 E. First St. at 1:40 a.m. on Monday.

    A woman reported seeing an unknown man inside a gated area on the northeast corner of the house.

    The man was lying naked inside the bike compound.

    She made eye contact with the man while trying to open the door. She heard a thud and looked around to see the man had thrown an orange in her direction.

    She was able to get in the house and contact UAPD.

    The officer searched the area around the house, the bike compound and the backyard.

    Another officer found a jacket lying on the ground of Little Chapel of All Nations at 1052 N. Highland Ave.

    The jacket had an empty Ziploc baggie and $15 cash in the pockets.

    Officers were not able to locate the man or the orange that was thrown at the girl.

    The jacket and money were placed into UAPD property.

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