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    Harold and Kumar offer a tolerable ‘Escape’

    Harold (John Cho), left, and Kumar (Kal Penn) of Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle fame  find themselves in yet another sticky situation in Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay.
    Harold (John Cho), left, and Kumar (Kal Penn) of ‘Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle’ fame find themselves in yet another sticky situation in ‘Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay.’

    It’s a stoner’s paradise: The beloved characters Harold and Kumar have returned in a new movie, “”Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay,”” and this time with a little American satire thrown in for fun.

    The audience quickly reunites with Harold Lee (John Cho) and Kumar Patel (Kal Penn) and their disgusting humor. The odd couple has decided to take a nice, friendly vacation to Amsterdam, where they can legally smoke all the marijuana their hearts desire.

    Genius Kumar has decided that instead of waiting for the eight hour plane ride to commence, he needs to smoke immediately, and therefore managed to sneak a bag of weed and a homemade “”smokeless bong”” onto the plane. Inevitably, they get caught, with a lot of post Sept. 11 racial profiling humor thrown in for good measure.

    “”Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay””
    Rated R – 100 mins.
    Kingsgate Films
    2 stars

    Cue the stereotypical, redneck, dumb-as-dirt Republican government worker, who quickly ships the duo off to the infamous Guantanamo Bay. After a few long hours spent there, in what appears to be a closeted homosexual’s paradise, Harold and Kumar escape and hop a boat to Florida.

    This all happened in about 15 minutes, despite the misleading title. The boys spend the next hour en route to Texas, where they know an influential government worker who might be able to help them out (this worker also happens to be engaged to Kumar’s lost love – cue the subplot here).

    It’s from Florida to Texas where the real laughs take place. From a “”bottomless party”” in Miami to a one-eyed inbred child in Alabama, Harold and Kumar road trip through all the misperceptions of the southern United States. It must be mentioned that the highlight of this trip is definitely a unicorn-spotting, high-on-mushrooms Neil Patrick Harris, in a scene-stealing cameo.

    After finally making it to Texas, Kumar reunites with his college love Vanessa (Danneel Harris), and they inevitably get screwed over by her aged fratboy fiancé. After even more shenanigans, Harold and Kumar inexplicably end up at none other than President Bush’s house, where they get high with him, talk about life and ultimately get pardoned for their mishap at the airport.

    While the first plot is now taken care of, that still leaves the love portion of the movie to be settled, which ends in a rather romantic, un-“”Harold and Kumar”” way. And don’t worry, they eventually make it to Amsterdam.

    In the span of an hour and a half, the movie manages to take you to three different countries and a handful of states; Harold and Kumar won’t disappoint their true fans while the movie can be crude and immature at times (don’t take your parents, your younger siblings or a date to see this), it delivers some laughs and more than a few memorable scenes. It might not be a future Oscar contender, but Harold and Kumar are perfect for a lame Monday night out with friends.

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