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    Police Beat: Sept. 23

    Extreme intoxication lands student in UMC

    A University of Arizona Police Department officer was dispatched to the Arizona-Sonora Residence Hall after receiving a reference for the need of medical assistance to an extremely intoxicated woman on Friday at 12:25 a.m.

    The officer met with the woman, who was throwing up in the women’s restroom of the ninth floor. Tucson Fire Department responded and determined that she needed to be taken to University Medical Center for extreme intoxication. The woman was transported to the hospital via ambulance. The woman said she drank an unknown number of shots at a house party, the location of which she could not remember. The woman was cited and released at UMC.

    Call for help

    A female student was transported voluntarily to UMC for a psychological evaluation on Friday.

    A UAPD officer first responded to the woman’s residence hall after receiving a reference. The community director said that a parent of the woman’s non-student boyfriend had asked for a check on the student. The mother of the man said that she received a phone call from her son, who said his girlfriend was having suicidal thoughts.

    The community director made contact with the parent and was able to locate the woman in one of the residence halls. The UAPD officer remained on scene in a conference room with the woman while another officer spoke with her boyfriend.

    The man told the officer his girlfriend had called him earlier that day and told him she was feeling bad. The officer then asked the man if his girlfriend had meant that “”feeling bad”” as feeling suicidal, and he said yes. The man added that he left football practice early to go talk to his girlfriend about her problems. He said they had been friends for two years, and he never knew her to be suicidal in the past. She has a good life and a family that loves her, according to him. He did not know why she felt that way. The man was released to his mother, and they left.

    The officer then spoke to the woman about her feelings. She told him that she had cut her wrists approximately two years ago and again eight months ago. She told the officer that she felt overwhelmed and didn’t want to live anymore.

    The officer asked the woman why she felt that way, to which she replied that she did not know. She said that she was seeing a psychiatrist and had been to Campus Health Services, where she spoke to someone else as well. The woman also stated that she was prescribed medication for depression but that it takes one month for the drug to take effect.

    The woman was asked if she would be willing to be transported to University Medical Center to get help for her condition. She said “”Yes,”” and the officer transported her to UMC and remained with her until she was moved into a treatment room.

    Overdue violence

    At 8:56 p.m. on Sept. 17, a man who had no affiliation with UA was found passed out in the Main Library. As soon as he was revived, he became disorderly and combative. Due to being a public nuisance, the man was booked into Pima County Jail that night.

    An officer responded to the Main Library after receiving a report that a man was passed out in the Info Commons. Another police aid also responded to the area to assist.

    The UAPD officer spoke with a library employee who said that he spotted the man passed out at the computers with a bottle of beer on the table. The officer located the man on the fourth tier of the commons area, sleeping on the floor and blocking both the computers in the area as well as the study rooms against the wall.

    There was an empty 40-oz bottle of Steel Reserve, and the man’s backpack was sitting on the table next to the computers. About five other people were studying or working in the area immediately surrounding him.

    The officer tapped on the bottom of the man’s feet to wake him up. He could smell an alcoholic odor coming from the man’s breath. After being woken up, the man sat up and tried getting up. The officer instructed him to stay seated on the ground, but the man became uncooperative and kicked his foot at the officer, missing his leg. The officer then stepped on his pant leg to prevent another kick.

    The man became very upset and started yelling at the officer. The officer handcuffed him and informed him that it was for his own safety. When the officer grabbed the man’s arm to place him into the cuffs, he became more belligerent and started to pull away, actively resisting the officer’s directions.

    The officer took control of the man and placed the handcuffs on one arm. The officer then rolled him onto the floor to place the other arm into the cuffs. As the officer helped him get onto his feet, the man called the officer several names, pushing backwards at the officer. He fought to turn over and yell at the officer more. The man made numorous threats to kill the officer several times and made references to the officer’s sexual preferences.

    The officer remained on the man and used a wristlock to hold him in place until a UAPD sergeant arrived to assist the officer in walking the man to the police vehicle. The man continued to yell and complain the whole time until he was placed into the police car.

    The man’s backpack was searched, and a second bottle of Steel Reserve was found in it, as well as two bottles of Power Aid. The man was transported to Pima Country Jail and booked for public nuisance. By the time they arrived at the jail, the man under arrest was cooperative.

    Marijuana in residence hall

    A man was given a Code of Conduct reference for possession of drug paraphernalia on Friday at 10:33 p.m.

    A UAPD officer spoke with a resident assistant of a residence hall on campus who said that she smelled marijuana coming from one of the rooms. The officer entered the hallway and was unable to smell the marijuana. He approached the room that the RA had specified, smelled around the doorframe and detected the smell.

    The officer knocked on the door and was greeted by the dorm resident. After asking if he could come inside, the man allowed the officer in. Immediately, the officer smelled a strong odor of marijuana inside the room. He explained to the man why he was there and asked if he could search the room for marijuana. The man stated that he had no marijuana in the room, and granted the officer permission to search. The only item that the officer found was an empty pack of Zig Zags in the trashcan.

    The officer read the man his Miranda Rights at 10:40 p.m., and the man replied that he understood them and would answer any questions. The officer asked the man to tell him where the marijuana was, and he stated that he did not have any. However, after receiving verbal consent to search his pockets, the officer found a small zip lock bag in his pocket with tiny pieces resembling marijuana.

    The officer asked the man if there used to be marijuana in the baggie, to which the student replied “”Yes.”” He also confirmed that it was the marijuana he had smoked earlier in his room earlier.

    The man was not arrested but received a Code of Conduct referral for the incident. The zip lock bag and the Zig Zag package were submitted into evidence. The Code of Conduct was forwarded to the dean of student’s office.

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