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    Family Weekend: Be on the look out for good looking, classy dads


    Considering the amount of good looking people at the UA, their parents must also be attractive. That means Family Weekend is going to be flooded with dads.

    Not just any kind of dad, mind you, but Dads-I’d-Like-to … you know, everywhere. To be honest, it’s probably on every college girl’s bucket list.

    A DILF is a special kind of breed, a dad that is consciously aware of his good looks, with a strong persona and caring nature. The DILF radar should generally go off violently if there are boat shoes, khaki pants and golf shirts involved. It’s important to remember that being a DILF is not just about style — it’s a lifestyle.

    The quintessential DILF must play golf, change car oil and successfully hang pictures around the house (key word: successfully). Such strong idealized men have started a movement at the University of Arizona — a clan of young gentlemen dedicated to becoming these dapper and successful men.

    They, the students that refer to themselves as the DILFs, dress in the proper attire. This means Ralph Lauren suits should absolutely be expected — so much so that they even had a photo shoot dedicated to the brand last year, along with mass quantities of Sperrys boat shoes, khaki shorts and button down shirts from Tommy Bahama (regardless of the sub par designs that usually involve Hawaiian flowers).

    The classiest of DILFs are generally expected to shop at stores like Nordstrom Rack for assortments of fine silk ties with great mark downs. Though, if there’s one thing a DILF knows how to do, it’s finding good deals when looking for wardrobe additions, or just shopping in general. Daniel Smith, a marketing student, has absolutely mastered this trait with his persistent use of Craigslist for nothing none other than golf clubs.

    “I purchase most of my DILF-y attire at thrift shops, but you have to be specific with your buys,” Smith said. “Everyone’s DILF-yness is specific. My style revolves more around fishing and collared shirts.

    To be a DILF, he added one has to go through pledgeship and must be a DILF in daily life: building things and doing manly projects.

    It seems the UA may be creating some respectable men that are ready to do yard work and own nice, freshly washed cars. Until that day though, our female students will have to be satisfied with Family Weekend where DILFs will be abundant. There are lots of fish in the sea at the UA for a female, but sometimes those female students catch a shark — a stone cold DILF. TGIFW (Thank God it’s Family Weekend).

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